2 Billion XRP In 30days Moved and 300 Million in 24hr

Whale alert, one of the leading cryptocurrency huge movement tracking companies has tracked almost 300 million XRP movements between several exchanges. Huge amounts of movement have become a routine recently but this one happened in a span of the last 24hrs.

Specifically, 298,921,991 (298.9 million) coins, have been moved from unknown wallets to exchanges such as Bitstamp, FTX, and Bitso. At the time of press, these XRP coins translate to about $110.6 million worth of Ripple’s XRP.

The $100.6m worth of XRP was moved in six different transactions. Bitstamp received the biggest portion of these coins having received a total of four of the six transactions. FXT and Bitso each received one transaction to the wallet.

Bitstamp was the first to receive 37 million XRP at the moment worth $13.73 Million according to Whale Tracker.


A few hours late, whale tracker then caught up on another transaction this time worth just a little tinny bit less from a different unknown wallet to Bitstamp. This one had 35 million XRP.


Another 45 million coins and 36.9 million also from different wallets from the above and each other were also transferred to Bitstamp. This brings a total of about 154 million XRPs the total amount that was registered by the whale tracker on the last day to Bitstamp.

Over 2 billion XRP have been shuffled between popular exchanges in the last month and unknown wallets. However, all this happening with little involvement by ripple itself. The 2 billion coins are only those registered as whale moves.


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