Bitcoin Heading For The Sky. How Far Up This Time

  • Bitcoin hits two month high yesterday
  • Volumes trades in the last 24hrs have declined significantly

After water seemed to be the ice breaker bitcoin is still resistant at the below 25k mark. This has been the case over the last month and up until yesterday, the coin has not been able to go beyond the 25k mark. however, there is light and investors are more hopeful the winter is over.

at the time of press, Bitcoin is priced at just above 23k which has become the new resistant point. A month ago the coin was basically stuck at the 20k mark and going beyond seemed like will never happen. In the last 7 days, the coin has moved up by 3.5% bringing the price to $23,883.

This, however, is a 1,54% decrease in the last day considering the coin hit two month high yesterday. BTC had hit $25,135 briefly before going back below 25k.

More investors are looking to keep and hold on to their bitcoin. This is considering the volume of BTC traded since the 25k mark has declined significantly in the last 24hrs. The coins trading volume has gone down by 15% which shows the less willing sellers or buyers. Considering the current situation and the positive signs the chances are the holders want to keep holding. The volume traded in the last day is still high at $28.57 billion according to CoinMarketCap.

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