BTC Down to 20k, Solana up 7% Eying Cardano

For some time now bitcoin has been stuck in the 20k area zone. Since the steep descent from the 30k earlier in June, the coin has only managed to get as high as 25k in the mid-month of August for just a few minutes. The coin has since not been able to get any form of stability. BTC is now back to where it started a few months ago

At the time of press, today the 30th of August, bitcoin is priced at $20,420. This is roughly 3.5% down from 24hrs ago. This was better 7 days ago when bitcoin was up by 3% compared to today. During that period, Bitcoin has plummeted to as low as $19,600 and went as high as $21,800 a difference of over $2k.


Unlike bitcoin, Solana is not having the worst of the months. Solana has been having new projects launched recently and already has several lined up for the coming days. The coin is currently at 9th and looking to explore higher. With a market cap of $11.4 Billion the coin is only a step away from one of its biggest competitors at 8th position

Even though SOL has been in the top ten before, it is worth noting that a few months ago the coin was not on the high table. It has managed to recover and reclaim its dominance in the top ten zones.

Currently, the coin is priced at $32.9 which is nearly a 6% loss in the last 7 days. This could have been worse considering the coin has recovered a whole 7.5% in the last day. The most by any top ten coins in the same period.

Just like Bitcoin and SOL, the rest of the Crypto market is looking worthwhile with the green movement for almost every coin in the last day. As much as the market is green on the last day, the last 7 days have been a massacre.

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