Same Old Same Old for BTC. Hope in Crypto Market?

  • BTC still resistance at 20K mark. Will the tread revert?
  • UNUS SED LEO and HUOBI TOKED currently good for investment

The crypto market has been known to be a roller costa since catching global attention. This has not been the case lately, especially with BTC. Over the last three months, the coin has barely moved from the 20k mark zone. At the time of press, BTC is priced at 19,383 which is hardly any moment in the last 24hrs.

BTC Price Chart 2022

Despite this, there are other cryptocurrencies that have defiled the market trend. For instance, XRP has had a very good return on investment (ROI) last month. when the market was generally bleeding, Ripples’ XRP was just flying.

At the moment there are certain coins in the top 100 that are moving for the sky.


This ‘Latin’ coin is having the best moments currently. anyone who invested in it a week before has returned about 10% from it. LEO is the native coin for Bitmex, Crypto exchange platform, which gives it a strong platform to build on. The coin has been doing well since June when the market stumbled.

Houbi Token (HT)

Since the start of last month. this has been one of the most surging coin in the market. In just over a month the coin have gained by over 75%. The reason for the surge mhas been Trons founder Justin San who was appointed as the advisor for Huobi. Given the experince Sun has the coin will defently continues aiming for the sun.

The decision to appoint Justin Sun as the advisor was made after the About Capital Aquired it just around the smae time. The coin has gained by 51% in the last 7 days.

What to expect Over the coming days from BTC

Over the years BTC has been able to break tread around the end of the year. If this happens, it is hard to tell in which direction the coin will be moving. statically speaking, there is a bigger chance the 20k mark is the resistance point before the coin aviates back to a better zone.

In the last 24 hrs, Bitcoin volume traded has increased significantly by 41%. This shows that the coin still has a demand and the community is still intact. If this trend continues in the next few weeks the price could go up simply due to high demand.

Since January the price of BTC has been decreasing gradually until June at 20K. This could be the resistance point just before the coin aims higher. When this will happen is the tricky question. Of course, this will be dragging the whole market with it as has always been the case.

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