Binance’s Transfer of 200 Million XRP Tokens: What’s Behind the Scenes?

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  • Binance’s recent movement of a substantial amount of Ripple (XRP) tokens, totaling nearly $150 million, has sparked speculation about the involvement of whales in the market.
  • hese transactions coincide with a minor uptick in XRP’s value, prompting questions about potential bullish sentiments among influential players in the cryptocurrency space.

Crypto exchange Binance [BNB] was seen moving a substantial amount of Ripple [XRP] tokens on the 13th of February, with the size of the transfer grabbing the attention of the community.

Are whales at play?

While analyzing on-chain data from Whale Alert, AMBCrypto spotted a string of high-value transactions, with the latest being a whopping 200 million getting moved from Binance to an “unknown wallet.”

At XRP’s prevailing market price, this amounted to more than $105 million.

Before this, Binance made three separate transfers, with a total size of 64.41 million XRPs, at around 6:40 am UTC.

In total, nearly $150 million worth of XRP tokens were moved from early morning until this writing.

Upon further investigation, AMBCrypto spotted that the address that received the latest 200-million transfer moved 4.28 million XRP’s immediately to another address.

Interestingly, the receiving address was activated by Binance itself on the 21st of December.

As of this writing, there remained an element of suspense regarding the real nature of the transfers. However, as in most cases, speculation of whale accumulation started doing the rounds.

XRP goes north after a prolonged downtrend

It should be noted that these transfers followed a 4% rise in XRP’s value, AMBCrypto noted using CoinMarketCap.

The hopes of a bullish turnaround for a coin, which has been rather underwhelming in recent weeks, could have excited whales.

Indeed, XRP was the only major cryptocurrency to have posted monthly losses, at around 8%, as of this writing.

As the prices slumped, network fundamentals got hit.

The daily active address count steadily dropped over the last month, while the rate of new address creation also dipped, as per AMBCrypto’s analysis of Santiment data.

Moreover, XRP’s supply in profit fell sharply since the start of the year.

The lack of profitability made investors pessimistic about the payment-linked crypto, as Weighted Sentiment has mostly sailed in the negative zone in 2024.

The Whales’ Influence

In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, large-scale movements often spark debates and speculations. Binance’s recent transfers of significant XRP holdings have once again put the spotlight on the influence of whales in the market.

While the exact motives behind these transfers remain unclear, the timing coinciding with a minor surge in XRP’s value suggests strategic positioning by influential players. Whether these moves signal a bullish sentiment or merely profit-taking maneuvers, only time will tell.

For now, investors and enthusiasts alike continue to monitor the movements of these crypto whales, seeking clues and insights into the ever-evolving dynamics of the digital asset space.


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