Cardano’s (ADA) Path: March 2024 Priorities Endorsed by Charles Hoskinson

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  • Cardano’s March 2024 priorities, co-signed by creator Charles Hoskinson, focus on updating network infrastructure, bolstering security measures, and preparing for governance evolution.
  • Hoskinson’s endorsement underscores the community’s unified commitment to fortifying Cardano’s resilience and position in the cryptocurrency landscape.

In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency, Cardano emerges as a prominent player with a clear trajectory for March 2024. Key priorities, co-signed by none other than the ADA creator Charles Hoskinson, are paving the way for the network’s evolution and resilience.

Ensuring Network Stability: Updating to the Latest Version

Rick McCracken, a distinguished Cardano contributor, recently outlined three pivotal priorities for the ADA community. Foremost among these is the urgent need to update pools to the latest 8.7.3 full P2P version. With a substantial 68% of reporting SPOs already onboard, this update addresses critical vulnerabilities, enhancing the network’s robustness.

Bolstering Security with Mithril Deployment

McCracken underscores the importance of deploying Mithril, a protocol crucial for fortifying Cardano’s defense mechanisms against potential attacks. Presently, only 15% of staked ADA are leveraging this essential feature. However, achieving a desired uptake of 60% is imperative for ensuring robust network security and resilience against threats.

Stress-Testing SanchoNet: Preparing for Governance Evolution

Additionally, McCracken highlights the imminent necessity of stress-testing SanchoNet, the testnet designed to roll out groundbreaking governance features for the Cardano blockchain. With numerous DReps and stake pools actively engaged, rigorous stress and battle testing become crucial, especially with the anticipated Chang HFC event in three months.

Charles Hoskinson’s Endorsement and Unity

The significance of these priorities is further emphasized by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, who shared McCracken’s article on his social media platforms. This joint endorsement signifies a unified commitment to fortifying Cardano’s infrastructure and ensuring its resilience against evolving challenges.

Understanding “Charles Derangement Syndrome

Hoskinson’s support not only underscores the importance of the outlined priorities but also sheds light on what he has previously termed “Charles Derangement Syndrome.” This phenomenon highlights the intense scrutiny and sometimes unwarranted criticism faced by figures like Hoskinson in the cryptocurrency space.

As Cardano marches forward into March 2024, these co-signed priorities provide a roadmap for the community’s collective efforts. By addressing network stability, bolstering security measures, and preparing for governance evolution, Cardano aims to solidify its position as a leading blockchain platform, guided by the vision of its creator and the collective dedication of its community.


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