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Montenegro’s Prime Minister Revealed as Early Terra Luna (LUNC) Investor Amid SEC Probe

In a startling revelation, Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milojko Spajić has been identified as an early investor in the now-defunct Terraform Labs, a company behind the notorious Terra Luna coin. Recent court documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicate that Spajić may have lost millions due to the ecosystem’s implosion in 2022. Before […]

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TON Blockchain Revolutionizes Digital Earning with TapSwap

TON Blockchain is making waves with its latest innovation, TapSwap, a Tap-2-Earn Telegram mini-application that promises to redefine digital earning. TON Blockchain has introduced TapSwap, a revolutionary Tap-2-Earn Telegram mini-application, set to transform the landscape of digital earning. Since its launch, TapSwap has garnered immense popularity, boasting over 50 million users worldwide and seamlessly integrating […]

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Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Community Approves Major Burn Tax Reform

In a significant move for the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) community, a key proposal to revise the burn tax distribution has been officially passed. The proposal, known as pay-per-job (PPJ) proposal 12114, received overwhelming support, with 98.04% of the community voting “Yes”. This development comes after the community’s decision to implement changes outlined in proposal […]

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VeChain’s (VET) VeBetterDAO: Mainnet Launch and Sustainability Initiative

VeChain, a prominent blockchain platform known for its focus on supply chain management and sustainability, is gearing up for the launch of its highly anticipated VeBetterDAO mainnet on June 28, 2024. This milestone marks a significant step forward in both blockchain governance and sustainability efforts globally. Important Dates for the VeChain’s VeBetterDAO Mainnet Launch The […]

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Ripple (XRP) Introduces RLUSD: Paving the Way for Digital Payments

Ripple launches RLUSD on XRP Ledger and Ethereum, poised to capitalize on stablecoin market growth. Ripple, a leading blockchain technology company, has officially launched RLUSD, a new stablecoin available on both the XRP Ledger and the Ethereum main chain. This strategic move is aimed at meeting the rising demand for stable digital assets and leveraging […]

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Spike: 4.28% Increase Signals Bullish Trend

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is making headlines as it leads the meme coin resurgence with a significant 4.28% price increase in the last 24 hours, reaching $0.0000187. This data from CoinMarketCap marks the first notable uptick for SHIB since June 7, hinting that the worst days for the coin might be over. Shiba Inu Metrics Light […]

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Navigating Ripple (XRP’s) Rise: Understanding Open Interest and Market Volatility

Recently, XRP has captured the spotlight with a noticeable spike in market performance. A seasoned analyst shared an analysis on CryptoQuant, highlighting a significant rise in its open interest, a trend not mirrored by many other digital assets. This uptick in open interest, particularly in the derivatives market, indicates growing bullish sentiment among market traders […]

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Is “Trump Coin” Crypto Token Launching soon?

In the whirlwind of political maneuvering ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Donald Trump appears to be venturing into a new frontier: cryptocurrency. Speculation abounds regarding the potential launch of a crypto token dubbed “Trump Coin,” registered on the Solana blockchain under the symbol “DJT.” The token’s emergence has sparked curiosity and controversy alike within […]

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Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Stocks: Institutional Adoption on the Horizon

In a recent research report, Bernstein highlights the significant potential for bitcoin and crypto-related stocks to attract institutional investors, marking a new phase in the cryptocurrency market’s evolution. Institutional Adoption of Crypto Imminent Bernstein, a leading broker, has issued a bullish forecast on the future of cryptocurrencies, particularly focusing on bitcoin (BTC) and its derivatives. […]