Terra Luna Classic Core Upgrades: LUNC and USTC Prices Surge?

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  • A major core upgrade for Terra Luna Classic, enhancing its functionality and interoperability on the blockchain.
  • This development has led to significant price jumps in its native tokens, LUNC and USTC, indicating heightened market interest and optimism.

In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, innovations are constant, and upgrades are pivotal. Terra Luna Classic, a prominent player in the blockchain sphere, has recently made waves with its announcement of major core upgrades. This development has not only piqued the interest of enthusiasts but has also led to significant movements in the prices of its native tokens, LUNC and USTC.

Terra Luna Classic Core Upgrade Unveiled

The Cosmos blockchain developer group, Genuine Labs, has revealed a comprehensive upgrade proposal aimed at enhancing the functionality and interoperability of the Terra Luna Classic chain. This ambitious proposal includes strategic improvements and optimizations to key components such as Wasmd, Ibc Go, and Cosmos SDK.

The upgrade plan, outlined in Signaling proposal 12087, has been put forward for voting on the Station wallet platform. It encompasses upgrades to Cosmos SDK 0.50.1 (Eden), IBC go v8, and Wasmd 0.50.0, with Genuine Labs setting a timeline of 8 weeks and a budget of $30K for completion. The proposed enhancements promise to bolster security, improve interoperability, and optimize performance, ultimately facilitating smoother operations and fostering innovation within the Cosmos network.

Subheading: Genuine Labs Completes KYC Requirement

In a move towards bolstering security measures, Genuine Labs has also announced the successful completion of the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement in collaboration with Germany-based blockchain security company SolidProof. This partnership underscores Terra Luna Classic’s commitment to ensuring a secure and compliant ecosystem for its users.

LUNC and USTC Price Surge

The unveiling of Terra Luna Classic’s core upgrades has triggered a flurry of activity in the cryptocurrency market, particularly in the prices of its native tokens, LUNC and USTC. Over the past 24 hours, LUNC has seen a notable increase of over 3%, with trading volume surging by 250%. Similarly, USTC has witnessed a remarkable surge of 25%, accompanied by a staggering 520% rise in trading volume.

At present, LUNC is exchanging hands at $0.0001269, while USTC is trading at $0.03631. These price movements reflect the growing optimism and enthusiasm surrounding the future prospects of Terra Luna Classic, fueled by the anticipation of its upgraded core functionalities and enhanced security measures.

The announcement of Terra Luna Classic’s core upgrades signifies a significant milestone in its journey towards greater innovation and efficiency. As the blockchain ecosystem continues to evolve, such developments serve as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of this burgeoning technology. With the prices of LUNC and USTC experiencing notable surges, all eyes are now on the implementation and impact of these upgrades in the days to come.


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