• Charles Hoskinson has vehemently defended Cardano against negative media portrayals, highlighting the network’s significant advancements and upcoming upgrades.
  • He criticizes the media for their disconnect from reality, asserting Cardano’s resilience and potential for continued growth.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has passionately defended his blockchain project against what he sees as unfounded negative portrayals by the media. He argues that these claims about Cardano’s demise are not only baseless but also overlook the substantial progress the network has made.

Media’s Misrepresentation

In a sharp critique, Hoskinson lambasted media outlets for their gloomy forecasts about Cardano, contrasting these reports with the reality of the network’s advancements. He asserted that the ecosystem is far from faltering and is, in fact, on a path of robust growth and innovation.

Progress and Milestones

Hoskinson underscored several key developments that demonstrate Cardano’s strength:

  • Major Hard Fork: The upcoming Chang hard fork, which he described as the most significant in the project’s history, will usher in a new era of governance for Cardano.
  • Community DApps: The rapid growth of decentralized applications within the community.
  • Scaling R&D: Cardano’s pivotal role in scaling research and development.
  • Notable Events: Important gatherings like Rare Evo, the Foundation Summit, and Token 2049.
  • Technological Maturity: Progress in technologies such as Hydra, the development of partner chains, and initiatives like Midnight and Prism.
  • Community Engagement: Various community events, including Catalyst and the constitutional convention in Argentina.

Hoskinson’s Frustration

Despite these advancements, Hoskinson expressed frustration over the media’s continued negative headlines, which often speculate about Cardano’s potential collapse. He described these narratives as “beyond pathetic” and criticized the media for their low-quality coverage of the ecosystem. In a recent tweet, he voiced his exasperation:

“Never in my career have I seen such a profound disconnect between reality and opinion with the cryptocurrency influencer and media perception of Cardano versus its actual fundamentals.”

The Chang Hard Fork

A major highlight for Cardano is the upcoming Chang hard fork, scheduled for the second quarter of this year. This upgrade is set to revolutionize Cardano’s governance with two significant updates:

  1. Chang Upgrade Number One: This will introduce governance features, initiate the technical bootstrapping phase outlined in SIP 1694, and pave the way for decentralized voting and governance actions.
  2. Chang Upgrade Number Two: This will transition SIP 1694 out of the technical bootstrapping phase, enabling full on-chain governance, including delegated representative participation and treasury withdrawals. This upgrade will empower the Cardano community to propose and fund new projects, ensuring the ecosystem’s sustainability and continuous evolution.

Resilience and Future Potential

Hoskinson remains confident in Cardano’s resilience and its potential to drive the cryptocurrency industry forward. He believes in the network’s capacity to address significant economic, political, and social issues, reaffirming that Cardano is here to stay and thrive.

While the media may continue to cast shadows on Cardano’s prospects, Hoskinson’s steadfast belief in the project’s fundamentals and the network’s tangible progress paints a very different picture of a blockchain ecosystem poised for sustained growth and innovation.