• Coinbase is launching a new feature allowing users to trade crypto tokens before their official launch, available on Coinbase International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced for traders outside the US, UK, and Canada.
  • This pre-launch trading carries elevated risks such as lower liquidity and higher volatility, and the contracts will convert to standard perpetual contracts once the assets are listed on spot exchanges.

Coinbase is set to revolutionize the crypto trading landscape with a new feature that allows users to trade crypto tokens before they officially launch. This innovative addition aims to give traders an edge in the competitive world of cryptocurrency by providing access to pre-launch perpetual futures contracts.

Expanding Opportunities for Global Traders

The new feature will be available on the Coinbase International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced, targeting traders in eligible jurisdictions outside the US, UK, and Canada. This move will enable both retail and institutional traders to engage with assets before they hit the spot exchanges. When the underlying asset for a pre-launch perpetual futures contract is eventually listed, the contract will seamlessly convert to a standard perpetual contract.

Coinbase emphasizes that this feature will facilitate “price discovery,” allowing traders to gain insights and act on potential price movements before the broader market. However, they also caution about the elevated risks associated with pre-launch markets. These markets are characterized by lower liquidity, higher volatility, and increased liquidation risk.

“Given the high-risk nature of pre-launch markets, these markets are more prone to lower liquidity, higher volatility, and increased liquidation risk,” Coinbase warns. “Please note that positions for pre-launch markets will not be assigned to participants of our Liquidity Support Program (LSP). As such, these markets will be at higher risk of Auto-Deleveraging compared to standard perpetual futures.”

Advanced Tools for Informed Trading

Coinbase Advanced, the platform’s sophisticated trading interface, will offer these pre-launch markets to retail traders. Meanwhile, the Coinbase International Exchange will cater to eligible institutional users. Both platforms aim to provide the necessary tools and information to make informed trading decisions in these high-risk environments.

Pre-launch perpetual futures contracts will operate with funding rates calculated using the same formula as standard perpetual futures. This consistency ensures that traders can apply familiar strategies and risk management practices to these new opportunities.

With this upcoming feature, Coinbase continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions for the crypto trading community. By enabling pre-launch trading, Coinbase is not only broadening the scope of trading possibilities but also contributing to the dynamic evolution of the cryptocurrency market.

As this feature rolls out, traders and investors alike will be watching closely to see how it impacts market behavior and the trading strategies that emerge. While the risks are notable, the potential rewards could be significant for those who navigate the pre-launch markets effectively.