• The Shiba Inu team has teased a crucial upgrade that will automate SHIB burns, making the process more efficient and transparent.
  • The upgrade, set to enhance Shibarium’s capabilities, comes as the platform achieves a significant milestone with over 180 million transactions, showcasing its growing prominence in the decentralized landscape.

Unlocking a New Era of Efficiency: SHIB Burns and the Shibarium Surge

The Shiba Inu community is buzzing with anticipation as the SHIB development team teases a crucial upgrade set to revolutionize the way SHIB burns are handled. Lucie, the marketing specialist of Shiba Inu, recently shared insights into the upcoming upgrade, emphasizing its potential to elevate the efficiency of SHIB burns and alleviate pressure on Bone ShibaSwap, a critical component of Shibarium.

SHIB Burns And Shibarium’s Capabilities

Lucie revealed that the Shiba Inu development team has manually burned more than 33 billion SHIB meme coins through four transactions to dead-end wallets, each carrying over eight billion. This manual process, while effective, is about to undergo a transformative shift with the impending upgrade.

Lucie assured the SHIB community that an official announcement will precede the rollout of the upgrade, keeping the community well-informed.

The upcoming upgrade, initially hinted at in early December, revolves around moving the Shibarium testnet Puppynet from Ethereum’s Goerli to Sepolia. Developers anticipate that this transition will significantly boost Shibarium’s scalability, reduce transfer fees, and enhance transaction speed.

Described as more than just a transition, it’s a comprehensive upgrade aimed at meeting the growing requirements of the community, especially in the DeFi and NFT sectors.

As of January, the SHIB burn process will enter its second phase, where all transfers to dead wallets will become automated. Unlike the current manual process from the official deployer wallet, this automated burn process will adhere to predefined rules, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

The blog post promises “multiple upgrades” dedicated to this transition, underlining the commitment to a seamless and user-friendly experience on Shibarium.

Shibarium Hits New Milestone

While the community eagerly awaits the upgrade, Shibarium, the layer-2 solution, achieved a remarkable milestone over the weekend. Surpassing 180 million transactions, Shibarium is proving its mettle as a robust platform for decentralized applications.

At the time of writing, the metric indicates an impressive 185,519,551 transfers on Shibarium, signaling a surge in its adoption and utility.

The upcoming upgrade holds the promise of a new era for SHIB burns and Shibarium’s capabilities. As the Shiba Inu ecosystem continues to evolve, these developments underscore the team’s commitment to innovation and responsiveness to the community’s needs. Stay tuned for the official announcement, as the SHIB community gears up for a transformative journey in the world of decentralized finance.

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