• Ethereum (ETH) surged 5%, trading at $3,957, with analysts predicting a rise to $4,500 before the spot Ether ETFs go live.
  • Significant whale accumulation and increased trading volumes indicate strong bullish momentum, potentially driving ETH to new all-time highs.

ETH on the Verge of Major Breakout

Ethereum (ETH) is showcasing a powerful bullish momentum, triggering excitement among investors and analysts. With a crucial breakout confirmed, the ETH price surged by 5% in the last 24 hours, now trading at $3,957. The market cap has swelled to $469 billion, and daily trading volumes have skyrocketed by 68%, reaching nearly $17 billion. This significant activity suggests that ETH is on the verge of breaking the $4,000 barrier, with potential for even higher gains.

Prominent crypto analyst Rekt Capital notes that a weekly close above $3,956 is essential for ETH to sustain its upward trajectory and enter the $4,000+ range. Currently, ETH is forming a lower high but has shown resilience around the $2,791 level, historically a precursor to a rise towards $4,000. A close above this critical threshold will solidify the bulls’ control over the market, further propelling ETH’s price.

Surge in Institutional Interest and Whale Accumulation

The excitement around Ethereum is further fueled by the upcoming launch of spot Ether ETFs, expected to go live within the next two months. In anticipation of this, Ethereum bulls are becoming increasingly active. Notably, Ethereum whales have purchased a total of 510,000 ETH in the past week alone. This substantial accumulation highlights the growing confidence among large investors in Ethereum’s bullish outlook.

A survey by WuBlockchain within the Chinese community reveals that 58% of respondents believe ETH can surge to $10,000 or more in the current market cycle. This sentiment is echoed by Arthur, the founder of DeFiance Capital, who predicts that ETH will reach $4,500 before the spot ETH ETF begins trading. The approval of these ETFs is anticipated to bring significant institutional demand, further boosting ETH’s price.

A Santiment chart tracking the top 1,000 Ethereum wallets shows a notable increase in holdings from 76.01 million ETH on May 19 to 76.52 million ETH by May 26. This accumulation underscores the strategic positioning by large investors in anticipation of the ETF launch and the expected price surge.

A Promising Outlook

Ethereum’s recent price action and the substantial investments by whales indicate a strong bullish sentiment in the market. With analysts predicting a rise to $4,500 and potentially beyond, the coming weeks could be pivotal for ETH. The anticipated spot Ether ETFs and the surge in trading volumes are setting the stage for a new all-time high. Investors are closely watching for a weekly close above $3,956, which would confirm the bullish momentum and pave the way for further gains. As institutional interest grows, Ethereum is poised to make significant strides, potentially reaching unprecedented price levels.

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