Fueling Growth: Genuine Labs Proposal Boosts LUNC Price by 20%
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Fueling Growth: Genuine Labs Proposal Boosts LUNC Price by 20%

  • The Terra Luna Classic community has endorsed Genuine Labs’ proposal, leading to a 20% surge in the price of the LUNC token.
  • Validator support and bullish sentiment propelled the approval, indicating confidence in Genuine Labs’ development efforts.

The Terra Luna Classic community has recently witnessed a significant milestone with the endorsement of developer Genuine Labs’ proposal, sparking intrigue and excitement within the crypto sphere. With the approval of Proposal 12019, the community has not only signaled its support for the ongoing development efforts but has also fueled a remarkable surge in the price of the Terra Classic token, LUNC.

Terra Classic Community Approves Genuine Labs Proposal

In a resounding display of solidarity, the Terra Classic community rallied behind Genuine Labs’ proposal, marking a pivotal moment in the project’s journey. Proposal 12019 garnered an overwhelming 84% approval rate from validators, affirming the community’s confidence in the developer team’s accomplishments over the past few weeks.

With 40 validators voting in favor and only 9 abstentions, key players such as Orion, Interstellar Lounge, and TerraCVita lent their support to the proposal, acknowledging the diligent efforts of Genuine Labs in addressing critical tasks, including end-to-end tests, interchain integration, and rectifying technical issues.

LUNC and USTC Soar Higher

The ripple effect of the community’s endorsement reverberated across the crypto market, particularly impacting the price action of Terra Classic’s native token, LUNC. Following the announcement, LUNC witnessed a remarkable 20% surge in its value, with trading volumes soaring to unprecedented levels.

The surge in LUNC price not only underscored investor confidence but also served as a testament to the growing optimism surrounding the Terra Classic ecosystem. Analysts anticipate a potential retest above the recent breakout channel, further bolstering the bullish outlook for LUNC in the near term.

Meanwhile, amidst the euphoria surrounding LUNC, Terra Classic’s stablecoin, USTC, maintained a range-bound trajectory. While the price remained steady, trading volumes experienced a slight downturn, indicating a temporary lull in activity. Nevertheless, with the broader Terra Classic community rallying behind Genuine Labs’ proposal, the stage is set for further advancements and price movements across the ecosystem.


As Terra Classic continues to solidify its position in the crypto landscape, the recent endorsement of Genuine Labs’ proposal marks a significant milestone in the project’s evolution. With the community’s unwavering support and the bullish momentum surrounding LUNC, the future appears promising for Terra Classic and its thriving ecosystem. Stay tuned for further updates as the project continues to unfold its vision for a decentralized future.

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