• Hedera Hashgraph’s (HBAR) price is approaching its highest point since February 2023, spurred by a remarkable 135% surge from its June 2023 low.
  • SaucerSwap’s stellar performance, with its SAUC token reaching an all-time high and a record Total Value Locked (TVL), contributes significantly to HBAR’s resurgence within the thriving DeFi ecosystem.

SaucerSwap’s Record-breaking Surge Propels Hedera’s DeFi Ecosystem to New Heights”

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is on the brink of reclaiming its highest point since February 2023, with the token’s price soaring to $0.0948, just shy of the December high at $0.0952. This remarkable rally has seen HBAR surge by over 135% from its low point in June last year, signaling a resurgence in interest and optimism within the cryptocurrency market.

A significant catalyst behind HBAR’s recent surge is the stellar performance of SaucerSwap, one of its prominent decentralized applications (dApps). The SAUC token, integral to SaucerSwap’s ecosystem, experienced a staggering 30% surge on Tuesday, reaching an all-time high of $0.074. This propelled SaucerSwap’s total market cap to an impressive $43 million.

Recent data highlights SaucerSwap’s robust growth, with the ecosystem’s Total Value Locked (TVL) reaching an all-time high of 450.2 million HBAR tokens, equivalent to over $42.24 million in dollar terms. CoinMarketCap data further underscores SaucerSwap’s upward trajectory, revealing a substantial increase in trading volume, which surpassed $2.8 million on Monday.

SaucerSwap’s success is not an isolated phenomenon within the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem. The TVL for the entire Hedera DeFi ecosystem skyrocketed to an unprecedented $74 million this week. Platforms like Stader, a liquid staking platform, witnessed a surge in assets to over $34 million. Similarly, HeliSwap and DaVinciGraph’s TVLs continued their upward trajectory, reflecting a broader bullish sentiment.

The anticipation of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) potentially approving a spot Bitcoin ETF by January 10th has also contributed to HBAR’s upward momentum. This aligns with the broader cryptocurrency rally that propelled Bitcoin above $45,000 on Tuesday.

Analyzing the daily chart, HBAR’s strong uptrend is evident over the past few months, coinciding with the overall cryptocurrency market rally that lifted Bitcoin to new heights. The coin has consistently remained above the 50-day and 25-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMA). Moreover, HBAR has breached the Ichimoku cloud and is making strides to turn its December high of $0.095 into a robust support level.

With a bullish outlook, the next crucial price level to monitor is $0.098, marking HBAR’s peak in February last year. As SaucerSwap continues to thrive and the broader crypto market gains momentum, Hedera Hashgraph appears poised for sustained growth in the coming weeks. Investors and enthusiasts alike eagerly await further developments in this dynamic landscape.

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