• VanEck predicts Ethereum could reach $22,000 by 2030, leading to speculation about similar surges for Cardano, with forecasts ranging from $2.62 to $8.16 per unit.
  • While predictions vary, all suggest significant potential gains for ADA, though the volatile nature of the market warrants cautious investment.

VanEck Issues Bold Prediction for Ethereum

Leading asset management firm VanEck has recently electrified the crypto community with a bold prediction that Ethereum (ETH) could skyrocket to $22,000 by 2030. This forecast, based on the SEC’s approval of spot-based ETFs, Ethereum’s on-chain data, and network scaling progress, implies a staggering 496% increase from its current price of $3,687.

In the wake of this prediction, the market is abuzz with speculation about potential price surges for other cryptocurrencies closely correlated with Ethereum. Among these, Cardano (ADA) stands out as a major contender. To assess how much ADA could surge, The Crypto Basic conducted an analysis based on VanEck’s projections for Ethereum.

Similarities Between Ethereum and Cardano

Cardano and Ethereum share notable similarities, both functioning as decentralized platforms enabling developers to create and run smart contracts. Cardano, launched in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, one of Ethereum’s original founders, has positioned itself as a significant rival to Ethereum.

The price actions of many crypto assets, including ADA, are often correlated with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Given this correlation, a projected 496% increase in Ethereum’s price could signal a substantial rise for Cardano as well.

If ADA mirrors Ethereum’s predicted surge, it could reach $2.62 per unit by 2030, up from its current price of $0.44. Interestingly, AI chatbot ChatGPT also forecasts a similar price of $2.63 for ADA under the same conditions.

Diverging Predictions from Experts

However, not all experts align with this moderate projection. Crypto trading platform Changelly offers a more optimistic forecast, predicting ADA will trade between $6.06 and $7.04 by 2030, with an average price of $6.22. To achieve this average, ADA would need to increase by 1,313% from its current price.

Adding to the mix, crypto prediction platform Telegaon sets even higher targets for Cardano, forecasting minimum and maximum prices of $7.78 and $9.08, respectively, by 2030. Telegaon’s average price prediction stands at $8.16, requiring ADA to surge 1,754% from its current level.

Is Cardano Set for a Major Rally?

While these predictions provide a range of potential outcomes for ADA, they all underline the possibility of significant gains. However, it’s crucial to remember that these projections are speculative. The crypto market is inherently volatile, and numerous factors can influence prices.

Despite the uncertainties, Cardano has previously demonstrated its ability to achieve remarkable rallies, as evidenced by its all-time high of $3.10 in 2021. Investors should conduct thorough due diligence and consider the volatile nature of the market when making investment decisions. While the future remains uncertain, Cardano’s potential for growth cannot be overlooked if Ethereum indeed surges to the heights predicted by VanEck.

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