IOTA APAC Accelerator: Powering Real-World Asset Tokenization in Singapore
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IOTA APAC Accelerator: Powering Real-World Asset Tokenization in Singapore

  • The IOTA APAC Accelerator, in collaboration with Tenity, is a 12-week program in Singapore supporting early-stage projects focused on Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization, offering startups a $50,000 grant, expert guidance, and networking opportunities culminating in a Demo Day at Token2049.
  • This initiative aims to nurture Web3 innovation within the IOTA ecosystem, leveraging Singapore’s vibrant tech scene and positioning startups for success in decentralized finance and related areas.

In the bustling tech hub of Singapore, a groundbreaking initiative is underway as the IOTA APAC Accelerator, in collaboration with Tenity, kicks off a 12-week program aimed at nurturing early-stage projects focused on Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization. This innovative endeavor promises selected startups a unique opportunity to receive substantial support, expert guidance, and access to a global stage, all centered around the burgeoning field of Web3 technology.

Empowering Web3 Innovation in the Heart of Asia

The IOTA APAC Accelerator, set to run from June to September 2024, represents a strategic partnership between the IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation and Tenity, a global innovation ecosystem and early-stage investor. With a strong focus on promoting entrepreneurship within the IOTA ecosystem, particularly in RWA tokenization, this accelerator aims to fuel Web3 innovation in one of Asia’s most vibrant tech landscapes.

“As we embark on this journey with Tenity, we aim to create an environment where Web3 innovation thrives,” says Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder and Chair of the IOTA Foundation. “The Asia-Pacific ecosystem is constantly inspiring and becoming a global focus for DeFi, so Singapore is the ideal venue for this Accelerator.”

A Prime Hub for Tech Startups and Fintech Innovation

Ranked as the eighth best startup ecosystem globally in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023, Singapore offers an ideal environment for this accelerator. Boasting around 4,000 tech startups and recognized as a fintech hotspot, Singapore provides fertile ground for nurturing disruptive technologies like RWA tokenization and DeFi.

The APAC region has witnessed substantial investment and growth in Web3 technologies, making it a pivotal area for blockchain and fintech development. With clear regulatory guidelines and a dynamic startup scene, Singapore emerges as the perfect backdrop for pioneering ventures in decentralized finance.

A Unique Opportunity for Web3 Builders

The accelerator’s curriculum is designed to equip participating startups with the tools needed to overcome market entry barriers, refine monetization strategies, and hone their product-market fit. Selected startups will benefit from a $50,000 grant, invaluable mentorship from industry experts, and exposure to potential investors and collaborators.

“Through our hybrid model of engagement, we’re blending the digital and the tangible to redefine blockchain’s frontiers with IOTA. It’s not just support; it’s a launchpad,” remarks Jonas Thuerig, Head APAC at Tenity.

Seize the Future of Decentralized Finance

Applications for the IOTA APAC Accelerator in Singapore are currently open, inviting ambitious Web3 builders to shape the future of decentralized finance. Whether developing RWA tokenization products, exploring DeFi innovations, or delving into Institutional DeFi Services, this accelerator promises to propel forward-thinking startups onto the global stage.

For startups leveraging or planning to leverage IOTA EVM technology in these cutting-edge areas, this accelerator represents a unique chance to accelerate growth, access vital resources, and make a lasting impact in the evolving landscape of Web3 technologies.

The launch of the IOTA APAC Accelerator with Tenity heralds an exciting chapter in Singapore’s tech ecosystem, fostering innovation and paving the way for a new era in decentralized finance. As the world eagerly anticipates Token2049 and beyond, this accelerator stands poised to empower the next generation of blockchain pioneers.