• The IOTA EVM has achieved a flawless security rating of 100 points in a rigorous audit conducted by Zokyo, ensuring its readiness for launch in June.
  • Additionally, Safe has introduced a new MultiSignature Wallet tailored for the IOTA EVM, further enhancing the ecosystem’s security and usability.

The IOTA community is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated launch of the IOTA Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in June approaches. In preparation for this milestone, the IOTA Foundation has spared no effort in ensuring the security and robustness of its new protocol. Recently, they commissioned a thorough audit by the esteemed security firm Zokyo, with outstanding results.

Zokyo’s comprehensive audit, conducted in March 2024, focused on scrutinizing the IOTA Smart Contracts (ISC) for potential security vulnerabilities and assessing technical risks. The verdict? A perfect score of 100 points, as reported by Crypto News Flash, highlighting the IOTA EVM’s exemplary security standards.

This audit, one of the final steps before the EVM’s launch, delved into every aspect of the protocol’s codebase. Zokyo’s examination ensured that the IOTA Smart Contracts Protocol adhered to the highest standards of code readability and was resilient against the latest vulnerabilities, including reentrancy attacks. The audit also assessed compliance with existing standards and best practices, ensuring efficiency and security.

The meticulous review process uncovered no Critical, High, Medium, or Low security issues, with only 11 minor “Informational” findings related to the visibility declarations of specific constants or variables. These issues were promptly addressed by the IOTA smart contracts team, resulting in the flawless score of 100 points.

This achievement underscores the IOTA Foundation’s commitment to delivering a secure and reliable EVM, setting a strong foundation for its upcoming launch. It marks a significant milestone in the journey of IOTA towards becoming a leader in the blockchain space.

A New Era: Safe’s MultiSignature Wallet

In conjunction with the impending IOTA EVM launch, Safe has unveiled a new MultiSignature Wallet designed specifically for the protocol. This latest offering from Safe complements their previously released Shimmer EVM MultiSignature Wallet, signaling their readiness to support the new ecosystem.

The new wallet features have undergone rigorous testing and are already in use by multiple developers for bug-testing their decentralized applications (dApps). Safe has also invested heavily in educating and training its teams on the utilities and opportunities presented by the IOTA EVM, ensuring that they are fully prepared for the upcoming transition.

“Safe’s initiative to support the IOTA EVM is part of their proactive strategy to enhance the ecosystem, with several upcoming initiatives in the pipeline,” hinted a Safe spokesperson.

As the June launch of the IOTA EVM approaches, the blockchain community eagerly awaits the impact of this highly anticipated development. With a perfect audit score and a new suite of tools from Safe, the IOTA EVM is poised to make a significant impact on the blockchain industry, promising both security and innovation in equal measure.