• Polkadot’s price is showing signs of a slight reversal, driven by increased demand around $5.4, and is attempting to break through the $6 resistance level.
  • The short-term outlook suggests potential bullish momentum, but the $6 mark remains a crucial barrier.

Eyeing the $6 Mark Again

Polkadot’s (DOT) price has recently shown signs of a slight reversal, coupled with a minor bullish retracement toward the previously breached lower trendline of its multi-month triangle pattern. This movement suggests an attempt to regain lost ground, driven by increased demand around the $5.4 mark and diminishing bearish momentum.

Upon closer examination of Polkadot’s daily chart, we see this slight reversal manifesting as a minor uptick, attributed to the higher buying pressure near $5.4. The asset now aims to complete a pullback to the broken trendline. If successful, and if bearish momentum resumes, DOT is likely to continue its initial bearish trend, targeting the crucial $5 support range.

In the bigger picture, Polkadot’s price remains confined within a critical range, bounded by the $6 resistance and the $5 support. A breakout from this range is essential to determine the next significant move. Traders and investors are keenly watching these levels for signs of a valid breakout.

Short-term Outlook: Potential Bullish Revival

On the 4-hour chart, Polkadot’s price action indicates a potential bullish revival. This is marked by a notable surge after finding support multiple times at the crucial $5.4 threshold. This surge has led to a break above the short-term descending price channel, suggesting a temporary bullish retracement phase. Currently, the price is oscillating within a decisive range defined by the $6.2 critical resistance and the $5.5 substantial support.

Given the current price action and the apparent bullish divergence between the price and the RSI indicator in the 4-hour timeframe, Polkadot may aim for the range’s upper boundary at $6.2 in the short term. The price action at this level will be crucial in determining the cryptocurrency’s forthcoming trajectory.

Key Levels and Future Prospects

Polkadot has recently seen an uptick in demand and is nearing the previously broken $6 level. Assessing the supply near this pivotal mark is crucial for making informed trading decisions. The accompanying chart highlights potential liquidation levels in Polkadot’s price action, offering valuable insights into focus areas for smart money in the mid-term. A significant amount of liquidity is positioned above the crucial $6 resistance region, aligning with the triangle’s lower boundary.

This area is likely to act as a strong resistance, validating the pullback. Therefore, if sellers overcome buyers around this pivot as anticipated, the price may initiate a new bearish trend in the mid-term.

While Polkadot shows signs of a potential bullish revival in the short term, the $6 resistance level remains a formidable barrier. Traders should closely monitor the price action around this level to gauge the cryptocurrency’s next move.