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  • Ripple President Monica Long supports the idea of an XRP ETF, citing regulatory clarity and XRP’s strong market position, aligning with CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s prediction of its inevitability.
  • Ripple is also developing a stablecoin project slated for launch by the end of 2024, while enhancing cross-border payment services through a partnership with Clear Junction.

Ripple’s Strategic Moves in the Crypto Market

Ripple President Monica Long has recently voiced strong support for the concept of an XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF), underscoring the regulatory clarity and market presence that make such a financial product a logical progression. In a CNBC interview, Long expressed that an XRP ETF would make “a lot of sense” given the current U.S. regulatory environment that classifies XRP alongside Bitcoin. She emphasized XRP’s consistent ranking as a top 10 asset by market capitalization and its substantial daily trading volume, which underscore its robust market position.

Monica Long’s advocacy for an XRP ETF aligns with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s recent prediction that a spot XRP ETF launch is “inevitable.” Garlinghouse argued that the approval of multiple altcoin ETFs is sensible as investors seek diversified exposure rather than betting on a single cryptocurrency. He also projected confidence in the forthcoming success of Ethereum ETFs, which may further legitimize the potential for an XRP ETF.

Institutional Interest and Market Growth

Long highlighted the increasing interest from institutional investors in the crypto market, driven by Bitcoin ETFs and tokenized assets. According to Long, sophisticated investors are entering the crypto space, paving the way for more crypto-based financial products. This institutional momentum supports the argument for an XRP ETF, which would cater to the growing demand for diversified and regulated crypto investment options.

Additionally, Ripple is actively expanding its footprint in the stablecoin sector. Long disclosed that Ripple is working on a stablecoin project expected to launch by the end of 2024. This initiative aims to leverage the growing demand for stablecoins, which offer easy access to US dollars and convenient payment solutions. Long cited projections suggesting that the stablecoin market could exceed $3 trillion in cumulative market cap within the next five years, highlighting the significant potential for Ripple’s stablecoin to attract substantial institutional interest.

Strengthening Cross-Border Payments with Clear Junction Partnership

Beyond the ETF and stablecoin ventures, Ripple has also announced a strategic partnership with Clear Junction to enhance its presence in the European market. This collaboration aims to enable instant and secure GBP and EUR-denominated payouts for Ripple’s customers, bolstering its cross-border payment services. Clear Junction, an FCA-authorized e-money institution, will provide multi-currency payment accounts, virtual IBANs, and treasury services, adding significant value to Ripple’s operational capabilities.

This partnership not only enhances Ripple’s service offerings but also strengthens the security and protection of funds for its partners, further solidifying Ripple’s position in the competitive crypto market. As Ripple continues to innovate and expand, the anticipated launch of an XRP ETF and the development of a stablecoin project are poised to play crucial roles in its future growth and market influence.