XRP Community Uneasy as Ripple President Leaves Adoption Questions Hanging
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XRP Community Uneasy as Ripple President Leaves Adoption Questions Hanging

  • Ripple’s President, Monica Long, has left the XRP community uneasy with her ambiguous response to questions about the impact of the recent lawsuit victory on XRP adoption.
  • The lack of a definitive endorsement and focus on market trends has sparked concerns among prominent figures, raising questions about the immediate prospects of XRP adoption.

Prominent figures within the XRP community are voicing concerns following an ambiguous response from Ripple’s President, Monica Long, regarding the future of XRP adoption in the aftermath of the recent lawsuit victory. The U.S. court ruling classified XRP as not a security for retail investors, but Long’s response has left many in the community more puzzled than reassured.

In a recent interview on the Chain Reaction Pod, Long faced a critical question about the impact of the court ruling on XRP adoption. However, her response lacked a definitive endorsement of a positive outcome. Instead, she pointed to a more consistent trend line in the overall crypto market, attributing it to speculation over the past few months. Long suggested that the market has been moving together rather than showing a specific surge in XRP adoption.

The XRP community reacted strongly to Long’s remarks. “WrathofKahneman,” a well-known figure in the XRP space, pointed out the discrepancy between the question about adoption and Long’s focus on market trends and speculation. He interpreted Long’s response as a polite “no,” given the absence of a clear affirmation or agreement.

Yassin Mobarak, founder of Dizer Capital, also expressed concerns about Long’s response, emphasizing that the lack of a definitive answer is a fundamental issue. Mobarak noted, “This is a fundamental question, and the fact that Monica Long could not give a clear ‘Yes’ answer is concerning.”

Mobarak proposed two possible conclusions from Long’s response. First, he suggested that the U.S. market still poses a significant challenge for Ripple, even after regulatory clarity on XRP. Second, he proposed that XRP’s adoption and potential price growth may not solely depend on Ripple’s efforts. Instead, critical factors could include the success of use cases and projects building on the XRP ledger, such as Hooks, Evernode, and xSpectar.

As the XRP community seeks clarity on the future trajectory of the digital asset, Long’s ambiguous response raises questions about the immediate prospects of XRP adoption and the role Ripple will play in driving its market presence. The community remains watchful, awaiting further developments that may shed light on the path ahead for XRP.

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