• Speculation of Shiba Inu’s BONE token being listed on Binance has driven its price up by over 9% in the past day, fueled by Binance’s recent call for small to medium-sized projects to apply for listings.
  • BONE’s market cap of $149 million meets Binance’s criteria, and the token has seen strong community support, with a significant increase in trading volume and votes for its listing.

The Shiba Inu community is buzzing with excitement over the potential listing of BONE on Binance, following the exchange’s latest call for projects to apply for a listing. This speculation has driven BONE’s price up by over 9% in the past day, with the token experiencing a much-needed surge after a series of declines since early March. The successful integration of ShibaSwap into Shibarium, the ecosystem’s layer 2 network, has further fueled optimism.

The Binance Listing Speculation

The possibility of BONE being listed on Binance has been a hot topic among crypto enthusiasts. The speculation began when Binance announced an initiative inviting small to medium-sized projects to apply for listings. This initiative aims to address the challenge of projects launching with high valuations but low initial circulating supplies, thereby fostering a healthier industry with diverse market participants.

“To foster a healthy industry with a variety of market participants, including projects with lower to medium valuations, Binance is taking the lead to engage small to medium projects. We would like to invite such high-quality teams and projects to apply for our listing programs, including direct listing, Launchpools, Megadrops, and more,” stated Binance.

The program targets projects that exhibit strong fundamentals, an organic community base, a sustainable business model, and a dedicated team. Given BONE’s market cap of $149 million, it meets the program’s criteria and stands a chance to benefit from Binance’s supportive initiatives, such as the Launchpad and Megadrop programs, which aim to raise awareness and mitigate market risks.

BONE’s Market Performance and Community Support

The speculation of a Binance listing has significantly impacted BONE’s market performance. The token is currently trading at $0.6478, with its market cap standing at $149 million. Over the past week, BONE has gained nearly 15%, despite a minor dip over the weekend. This recent uptrend marks a positive shift for the token, which had been on a downward trajectory since hitting an eight-month high of $1.23 in early March.

While the token had plunged to a low of $0.559 in mid-April, the latest rally offers a glimmer of hope for BONE investors. The increased trading volume, which shot up by 120%, indicates growing interest and speculation around the potential Binance listing.

The BONE community remains strong and hopeful. On Binance’s Futures NEXT, BONE is among the top ten cryptos that users want to see listed, garnering over 16,600 votes. This robust community support could play a pivotal role in Binance’s decision-making process.

The speculation around BONE’s potential listing on Binance has brought renewed attention and optimism to the token. With the Shiba Inu community rallying behind it and meeting Binance’s listing criteria, BONE could soon find itself on one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. For now, the community eagerly awaits Binance’s decision, hopeful that this could mark a new chapter in BONE’s journey.