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After Breaking $0.0001 Will Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Surge Continue?

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Terra Classic (LUNC) has emerged as a coin garnering attention. With its recent movements capturing the interest of investors, the question on many minds is: Can LUNC sustain its climb after surpassing the $0.0001 threshold? Is LUNC Price Going To $0.0002 In February? Terra Classic enthusiasts have been closely […]

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Terraform Labs Co-Founder Do Kwon’s Extradition Verdict Flips Again

The legal saga surrounding Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs, takes another twist as the Appeals Court of Montenegro reverses the decision for his extradition to the United States. This reversal comes in response to an appeal from Kwon’s legal defense team, marking another chapter in the ongoing legal battle. The Appeals Court’s decision highlights […]

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Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Targets $0.00015 Fueled by Unprecedented Trading Volume

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, Terra Classic (LUNC) has recently witnessed a remarkable surge, setting its sights on the $0.00015 mark. The cryptocurrency, known for its resilience, experienced a bullish breakout from a double-bottom pattern, indicating a potential recovery trend. However, as the market dynamics unfold, the question arises: Can LUNC sustain its price […]

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Terraform Labs’ Legal Chess: Bankruptcy Gambit in SEC Showdown

In a surprising turn of events, Terraform Labs, the force behind the Terra community, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to fortify its defense against the ongoing legal tussle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The filing, dated January 21 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, aims to leverage […]