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  • The Terra Luna Classic community has successfully passed Proposal 12071, which enforces a minimum initial deposit of 1 million LUNC to enhance governance integrity.
  • This move comes amidst a price surge for LUNC and USTC tokens, reflecting growing confidence in the project’s ecosystem.

The Terra Luna Classic community has taken a significant step towards fortifying its governance structure with the successful passage of Proposal 12071, which mandates a minimum initial deposit of 1 million LUNC. This move comes amidst a surge in spam proposals and aims to enhance the quality of governance decisions within the ecosystem.

Supported by validators such as Allnodes, Orion, and Interstellar Lounge, Proposal 12071 received overwhelming support, garnering over 89% of the community’s votes in favor. The initiative represents a proactive approach to maintaining the integrity of the governance process, ensuring that proposals brought forth for consideration meet a certain threshold of commitment and seriousness.

By imposing a minimum initial deposit requirement, the Terra Luna Classic community seeks to deter frivolous proposals while encouraging genuine contributions and engagement from its members. With this measure in place, the deposit section of the Station wallet is poised to see a reduction in poorly conceived or spam proposals, streamlining the governance process for more meaningful deliberations.

The passage of Proposal 12071 underscores the community’s commitment to responsible governance and proactive decision-making. With 43 out of 49 validators endorsing the proposal, it reflects a broad consensus among key stakeholders regarding the necessity of implementing stricter deposit requirements to uphold the integrity of the ecosystem.

In addition to fortifying governance measures, the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem has witnessed a notable uptick in token prices, with both LUNC and USTC experiencing significant gains in recent weeks. LUNC, in particular, has seen a remarkable rally of over 23% in the past month, fueled by increased development activity and positive sentiment surrounding the project.

Despite a minor pullback in LUNC prices over the past 24 hours, trading volumes have remained relatively robust, indicating sustained investor interest in the token. Similarly, USTC has also witnessed a price surge, climbing more than 2% in the last day alone, with trading volumes showing a notable uptick.

As the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem continues to evolve and mature, initiatives such as Proposal 12071 play a crucial role in reinforcing governance mechanisms and preserving the integrity of the platform. With strong community support and a buoyant market environment, the future looks promising for Terra Luna Classic and its growing ecosystem of participants.

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