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  • The Terra Luna Classic community has approved the transfer of 256 million LUNC tokens to Genuine Labs for development, receiving overwhelming support from community members and validators.
  • Despite these positive developments, LUNC and USTC prices have faced slight declines, with increased trading activity indicating keen market interest.

In a significant move, the Terra Luna Classic community has approved the transfer of 256 million LUNC tokens from the community pool to Genuine Labs. This allocation aims to support ongoing development efforts, marking a vital step towards enhancing the Terra Classic ecosystem.

Unanimous Approval for Genuine Labs

The proposal, put forth by the Genuine Labs developer group, received overwhelming support, with 99.93% of the votes cast in favor. The community and validators, including notable entities such as Allnodes, Interstellar Lounge, and Interstake One, rallied behind this initiative, showcasing a unified front in advancing the Terra Luna Classic chain.

Genuine Labs has already made significant contributions, having successfully upgraded the Terra Classic core to sdk47, mitigated p2p storm attacks, and updated critical dependencies. The developer group has also provided essential security upgrade packages in the Terra Classic v3.0.1 upgrade, addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing the overall security of the network. These efforts have been crucial in maintaining the integrity and robustness of the Terra Luna Classic blockchain.

With the approval of proposal 12113, Genuine Labs has received over 256 million LUNC tokens, equivalent to approximately $30,000. This funding will facilitate further advancements and ensure the stability and growth of the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem.

Impact on LUNC and USTC Prices

Despite the positive developments, the prices of LUNC and USTC have faced some challenges. LUNC’s price has dipped by 0.70% in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.0001068, with a 24-hour low and high of $0.0001052 and $0.0001093, respectively. Trading volume has also seen a slight decrease, indicating a cautious market sentiment.

On the other hand, USTC has experienced a more significant price drop of over 1%, currently trading at $0.02128. Interestingly, the 24-hour trading volume for USTC has surged by 40%, reflecting heightened interest among traders. This uptick in trading activity suggests that market participants are closely monitoring the developments and potential implications of the recent funding decision.

As the Terra Luna Classic community continues to invest in development and security enhancements, the long-term outlook for LUNC and USTC remains promising. The collective effort and strategic initiatives undertaken by the community and developer groups like Genuine Labs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem. Traders and investors will be keenly observing the upcoming FOMC meeting, which could further influence market dynamics.

The Terra Luna Classic community’s decision to allocate 256 million LUNC to Genuine Labs underscores a strong commitment to development and innovation, fostering a resilient and secure blockchain environment.