• VeChain’s recent rally has sparked speculation about its potential to reach $10, representing a significant surge from its current price.
  • Expert projections from Changelly suggest a timeline stretching into the next two decades, while alternative viewpoints emphasize the speculative nature of such ambitious targets.

VeChain, like many other cryptocurrencies, has experienced both highs and lows in its journey through the volatile landscape of the crypto market. Despite its recent rally, VeChain (VET) still has significant ground to cover to achieve its ambitious $10 price target. Let’s delve into the projected timelines and expert opinions surrounding VeChain’s potential ascent.

VeChain has been one of the major beneficiaries of the market run, having rallied 154% since September 2023. However, VET has not reclaimed some pivotal price targets envisioned by investors and market analysts alike.

For instance, despite the ongoing bull market, VET is still a 590% upsurge away from recovering its previous all-time high of $0.2798. VET has also failed to reclaim the $0.1 price territory since it collapsed below it in December 2021 amid the bear market at the time.

Nonetheless, this bearish reality has not impacted investor sentiments, as market participants still expect VeChain to clinch lofty targets before the end of the current cycle. One such target is the ambitious $10 goal, which would mark a 24,566% rise from VET’s current price.

Projected Timelines for VeChain to Hit $10

In a recent article, analysts at crypto analytics resource Changelly projected a timeline for VeChain to reach the elusive $10 target. The article discusses VET’s price prospects and the path the crypto asset would take on its journey to greater heights.

The Changelly analysts are generally bullish on VeChain, predicting VET price to reach a high of $0.0608 by December this year. However, they think VeChain might not reach the $0.1 target until July 2026. They also expect VET to reclaim its ATH in December 2028.

The analysis further suggests that VET would only clinch a $1 price in June 2032 and then continue to reach new heights from this point. They believe VET could only rally to $10.77 in April 2040, about 16 years from now.

Expert Opinions and Alternative Perspectives

To get a second opinion, we queried Google’s AI chatbot Bard (now Gemini), seeking a hypothetical timeline for VET to reach this target. Google Bard stressed that the $10 price is highly unlikely for VeChain in the near future, calling attention to the speculative nature of the target.

According to Bard, depending on how these factors align, VeChain could reach $1 in the next five to ten years. This aligns with Changelly’s projection of a $1 price in the next eight years. However, Bard sees VET hitting $10 beyond ten years, failing to give an actual timeline to watch out for.

When we presented the same query to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a jailbroken version of the chatbot casually predicted that VET could hit $10 in 2027, three years from now.

While projections and opinions vary, it’s evident that the journey towards VeChain’s $10 milestone will be a nuanced one, influenced by a myriad of factors. Investors and enthusiasts alike will continue to monitor VeChain’s progress closely, eagerly anticipating its potential rise to new heights in the crypto sphere.