What is the Conspiracy Behind Ripple’s XRP and Bitcoin’s Founder Satoshi?

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  • The article reveals recently released 2009 emails between Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto and developer Martti Malmi, showcasing Satoshi’s admiration for Ripple as an “interesting” project due to its unique approach in spreading trust.
  • It clarifies misconceptions about Satoshi’s comments, emphasizing that they referred to the original Ripple protocol, RipplePay, predating the creation of XRP by three years.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, uncovering the origins and sentiments behind groundbreaking projects often sheds light on their significance. Recently surfaced emails from 2009 between Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto and developer Martti Malmi reveal an intriguing admiration for Ripple, adding a new layer to the narrative of cryptocurrency history.

Satoshi Praising Ripple

Martti Malmi, a prominent figure in the early Bitcoin development community, shared personal exchanges with Satoshi Nakamoto from over a decade ago. Within these emails, alongside discussions on Bitcoin’s technical aspects, Malmi sought Satoshi’s perspective on Ripple, recognizing it as a kindred innovative force in the burgeoning cryptocurrency realm.

In response, Satoshi Nakamoto lauded Ripple, characterizing it as an “interesting” project. He acknowledged Ripple’s distinctive approach in decentralizing trust, a concept divergent from Bitcoin’s ethos yet resonant with its overarching mission to revolutionize financial systems.

Satoshi’s Insight

Delving deeper into the correspondence, Satoshi elaborated on Ripple’s unique proposition, emphasizing its departure from the conventional model of centralizing trust. His recognition of Ripple’s pioneering efforts underscores the project’s significance beyond its contemporaneous context.

Clarifying Misconceptions

Over time, some members of the XRP community misinterpreted Satoshi’s remarks, erroneously associating his praise with XRP itself. However, it’s crucial to delineate that Satoshi’s commentary predates the creation of XRP by three years.

The Ripple Legacy

Satoshi’s 2009 acknowledgment pertained to the original Ripple protocol, then known as ‘RipplePay.’ Spearheaded by software engineer Ryan Fugger in 2004, RipplePay laid the groundwork for what would later evolve into the XRP Ledger. Understanding this lineage illuminates Ripple’s journey from conceptual inception to becoming a prominent player in the cryptocurrency landscape.

The revelation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s admiration for Ripple adds a compelling chapter to the intertwined narratives of Bitcoin and Ripple. Beyond mere historical trivia, it underscores the diversity of ideas and approaches within the cryptocurrency space. As the industry continues to evolve, reflecting on its origins serves as a testament to the innovative spirit that propels it forward.


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