Will History Repeat? BTC Plummets to $67K- $50K or $100K Next Before Bitcoin Halving?
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Will History Repeat? BTC Plummets to $67K- $50K or $100K Next Before Bitcoin Halving?

  • Bitcoin tumbled to $67,000 during Asian trading hours, shedding 7% and wiping out over $100 million in long positions.
  • Market analysts attribute the drop to fading expectations of a Federal Reserve rate cut and uncertainties surrounding the upcoming mining reward halving.

Bitcoin, the world’s largest digital asset, experienced a significant tumble to $67,000 as Asia commenced its trading day, marking a 7% decline from its recent highs. This drop, echoing losses seen in gold and Nasdaq overnight, has caused over $100 million in bitcoin long positions to be wiped out, sending ripples through the cryptocurrency market.

The CoinDesk 20 index, a barometer of the most sizable and liquid digital assets, mirrored this downward trend, plummeting by 6%. Data analysis from CoinGlass reveals the extent of the losses, with a staggering $167 million in longs liquidated over the past 24 hours.

Analysts attribute this pullback to a myriad of factors, including fading expectations of a Federal Reserve rate cut. Greta Yuan, Head of Research at VDX, commented, “The recent surge in bitcoin prices has been too fast for the market to price correctly, so the current correction is expected.”

Adrian Wang, Founder and CEO of Metalpha, highlighted the upcoming mining reward halving as another potential source of market uncertainty. “The historical trading volume of Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF has caused some unease in the market, with some stakeholders fearing that bitcoin’s price will surge too much too soon and could experience a flash crash,” Wang said.

Despite these concerns, analysts remain optimistic about the broader uptrend. QCP Capital, based in Singapore, noted, “It is very difficult for these short sell-offs to put a lasting dent on the uptrend as long as the daily BTC spot ETF demand remains strong.” They also anticipate some volatility over the weekend as the market braces for the release of Federal Open Market Committee minutes next week.

Looking ahead, market sentiment remains mixed. While a prediction market contract on Polymarket gives a 38% chance that BTC will close above $70,000 by noon Friday in the U.S. Eastern Time, down from a high of 90% earlier this week, the overall trajectory of bitcoin’s price remains uncertain in the face of ongoing market fluctuations.

Market Volatility Amidst Uncertainties

While bitcoin’s recent tumble may signal short-term corrections, the broader outlook hinges on various economic factors and market sentiments, with investors closely monitoring developments to gauge the cryptocurrency’s future trajectory.