• Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has initiated the first-ever law enforcement training in Africa, deploying top financial crime experts to combat crypto crimes.
  • The program, led by former Europol investigators, aims to empower African authorities, protect users from crypto-related crimes, and contribute to a safer digital asset ecosystem on the continent.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, is extending its commitment to combating cyber crimes related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Africa. The move marks a significant expansion of Binance’s efforts, which, until now, had primarily been focused on other parts of the world. Recent reports by BitKE indicate that Binance has dispatched its top financial crime experts to conduct the inaugural law enforcement training sessions in Africa.

Nils Andersen Röed and Jarek Jakubcek, former investigators at Europol, have taken the lead in this crucial training initiative. Their recent visits to South Africa and Nigeria aimed to equip local regulators and authorities with the necessary skills to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of crypto crimes, including money laundering, ransomware, and attacks by nation-states.

The core focus of the seminars revolved around providing law enforcement officials with the expertise needed to investigate cryptocurrency-related crimes. Simultaneously, Binance seeks to raise awareness among the general public engaged in crypto trading to prevent them from falling victim to various types of crypto crimes.

Nils Andersen Röed, the Head of Law Enforcement Training at Binance, expressed the exchange’s dedication to elevating their efforts. “For several years, Binance has significantly aided users affected by theft, scams, or hacks in the crypto industry. Now, with an e-crime training program, our ambitions are even higher,” he stated.

Binance’s engagement with prosecutors across Africa, backed by local law enforcement agencies, underscores the exchange’s commitment to safeguarding user assets and contributing to a safer virtual asset ecosystem across the continent. Jarek Jakubcek, Head of Law Enforcement Training at Binance, emphasized this dedication, highlighting the collaboration with African authorities.

Despite recent admissions by Binance regarding its involvement in money laundering and sanctions violations, the exchange has actively assisted law enforcement officials globally. Notably, Binance played a crucial role in solving crimes committed by Lazarus, a North Korean hacker team, and addressing illicit activities on Hydra, an illegal internet marketplace shut down in April 2022.

However, officials note that the nature of crypto crimes is evolving. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies increases, the focus is shifting from sophisticated crimes to investment-related offenses. Binance’s proactive approach to training law enforcement in Africa reflects a strategic move to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of crypto security.

In conclusion, Binance’s efforts to empower African law enforcement highlight a commitment to creating a secure environment for crypto users and contribute to the overall integrity of the global digital asset ecosystem.

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