Terra luna classic LUNC with price chart at the back
  • Binance TH has expanded its cryptocurrency offerings by introducing Terra Classic (LUNC) and other trending coins like USTC and SHIB to its platform in Thailand.
  • This move aims to provide local traders with more diverse trading options amidst recent market volatility, with expectations of potential price rebounds for these newly listed cryptocurrencies.

Unlocking New Opportunities for Traders in Thailand

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing the trading experience for users, Binance TH, in collaboration with Gulf Energy, has unveiled an expansion of its cryptocurrency offerings. This expansion includes the addition of several trending cryptocurrencies to its platform, offering Thai traders new opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

As of June 11, Binance TH will activate trading for a range of new crypto pairs, including LUNA/USDT, LUNC/USDT, USTC/USDT, TIA/USDT, AR/USDT, TAO/USDT, W/USDT, TRB/USDT, JTO/USDT, and TNSR/USDT. This move reflects Binance’s commitment to meeting the demands of the local market for a wider selection of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Binance TH will introduce existing tokens on new networks to enhance trading flexibility and network interoperability. For example, Ethereum (ETH) will be listed on Base, Arbitrum, and Optimism networks, while SHIB will become accessible on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Despite recent market volatility that led to a global crypto market capitalization decrease of 3.40% to $2.54 trillion, there is growing optimism among market analysts about a potential rebound. Analysts anticipate that altcoins such as LUNC, USTC, and SHIB could experience price surges following the news.

However, recent price movements have shown mixed results. LUNC has seen a significant drop of 10%, currently trading at $0.0001064. USTC has experienced a more severe downturn, losing over 12% to trade at $0.02145. Similarly, SHIB’s price fell over 6% to $0.00002332. Despite these setbacks, SHIB has experienced an 80% increase in trading volume, indicating heightened market activity and potential for a near-term rally.

“The recent listing of new cryptocurrencies by Binance TH represents a significant step forward in expanding trading possibilities for its users,” said a spokesperson for Binance TH. “With new trading pairs and enhanced network options, traders can anticipate broader and more versatile investment opportunities.”

As the crypto market continues to evolve, the potential for price rebounds remains a focal point, offering a glimpse of optimism for crypto investors. The expansion of Binance TH’s crypto offerings underscores its commitment to providing innovative and diverse trading options, ensuring that Thai traders can access a wide range of cryptocurrencies to suit their investment strategies.

Binance TH’s expansion of its cryptocurrency offerings with Terra Classic (LUNC) and other trending coins signifies a move towards catering to the evolving needs of the crypto community in Thailand. With the addition of new trading pairs and network options, Binance TH is set to empower local traders with enhanced opportunities to participate in the global crypto market.

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