• Cardano is preparing for a major upgrade with the launch of Node 9.0 in June, paving the way for the transformative Chang hard fork once 70% of Stake Pool Operators adopt the new node.
  • Founder Charles Hoskinson emphasizes the milestone’s significance, criticizes media perception, and highlights Cardano’s advancements in scaling, DApps, and community initiatives like Project Catalyst.

Cardano, one of the most prominent blockchain platforms, is gearing up for a significant upgrade this June with the launch of Cardano Node 9.0. This update sets the stage for the much-anticipated Chang hard fork, a pivotal moment for the network’s evolution. Founder Charles Hoskinson recently shared details of this development, highlighting its transformative impact on Cardano and its community.

Hoskinson revealed that the hard fork will proceed once 70% of the Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) adopt the new node. This milestone will usher Cardano into the Voltaire era, representing full decentralization—a monumental achievement not only for the platform but also for the broader blockchain industry. Hoskinson described this event as the most significant in Cardano’s history, underscoring its importance and the progress made since the project’s inception.

Reflecting on the journey of building Cardano, Hoskinson likened it to nation-building, expressing pride in the community’s growth and optimism for the future. He emphasized Cardano’s potential to lead the industry and its role in shaping a brighter future. Looking ahead, Hoskinson encouraged stakeholders to seize the opportunities of the coming decade and make a lasting impact.

Despite Cardano’s impressive strides, Hoskinson criticized the cryptocurrency media for their portrayal of the project. He pointed out the disconnect between media perception and actual progress, lamenting headlines that fail to recognize Cardano’s advancements. In response, he proposed funding a not-for-profit media DAO through the Cardano Treasury to promote fair and accurate reporting within the crypto space.

In addition to the imminent hard fork, Cardano continues to expand its ecosystem with community-developed decentralized applications (DApps) and cutting-edge research and development in scaling solutions. Technologies like Hydra are maturing, enhancing the capabilities of the Cardano network, while initiatives such as Project Catalyst and partnerships with chains like midnight and prism are driving further innovation.

Hoskinson also highlighted the upcoming constitutional convention in Argentina as a pivotal event for the Cardano community, underscoring the platform’s global impact and growing influence.

As Cardano prepares for its most significant hard fork to date, scheduled for June, the platform stands at a critical juncture in its evolution. With a robust roadmap, a dedicated community, and visionary leadership, Cardano is well-positioned to achieve its goals of decentralization and scalability. As the industry eagerly anticipates the Chang hard fork and the advancements it will bring, Cardano’s future appears brighter than ever.