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  • Decubate and Chainlink Labs have entered a strategic partnership to empower developers in Chainlink BUILD with advanced tools, including a launchpad and incubation services, aiming to significantly reduce development time.
  • The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to catalyzing the growth of Web3 ecosystems, streamlining decentralized application (dApp) development and fostering innovation in the blockchain space.

Decubate, a Web3 scaling platform, has recently forged a channel partnership with Chainlink Labs to enhance the development process for users in the Chainlink BUILD program. The collaboration seeks to provide developers with advanced tools, including a launchpad, incubation, and vesting, through Decubate’s comprehensive scaling solutions.

Accelerating Web3 Development with Decubate and Chainlink

Decubate’s all-in-one approach aims to simplify and expedite the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) on Web3, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible. The cornerstone of their offerings is a no-code turnkey token management system, boasting a remarkable 95% reduction in development time. Additionally, Decubate extends services such as market-making, token minting, and tokenomics consultancy.

In a statement, Decubate CEO Elliot Hagemeijer emphasized the transformative impact of the partnership on the BUILD ecosystem. “We aim to help fuel the next wave of on-chain innovation by providing Web3 projects with the services and tools they need to launch and grow successfully,” he explained. The collaboration with Chainlink Labs is expected to propel the adoption of decentralized applications to new heights.

Chainlink BUILD and Ecosystem Expansion

Chainlink BUILD, initiated in September 2022 as part of the Chainlink Economics 2.0 rollout, plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of Chainlink’s ecosystem. The program offers enhanced access to developer services and technical support, securing commitments of incentives, such as network fees, for stakers and other service providers.

Recent participants in Chainlink BUILD, including bitsCrunch, Truflation, and Space and Time, highlight the program’s significance in attracting diverse projects. OMO Swap, a cross-chain aggregator, joined BUILD’s incubation program, leveraging Chainlink’s technology to access the oracle network and external data sources. Similarly, Lendr Network integrated with the BUILD program, benefiting from Chainlink’s oracle network for off-chain authentication and technical support.

Market Trends and LINK Token Performance

As of the latest update, the LINK token is trading at $15, experiencing a 3% gain in the past day, accompanied by an 18% surge in trading volume to reach $429 million. Despite a recent downtrend, LINK has reversed its trajectory from the previous three months, showcasing resilience and sustained market interest.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Decubate and Chainlink Labs is poised to reshape the landscape of Web3 development, offering streamlined solutions to developers and further propelling the growth of Chainlink’s decentralized ecosystem.

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