IOTA’s Quantum Leap: ShimmerEVM’s Rise to Prominence

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  • In 2023, IOTA achieved significant milestones with the introduction of ShimmerEVM, revolutionizing its ecosystem with multi-chain solutions and decentralized finance.
  • The success of ShimmerEVM set the stage for IOTA’s ambitious plans in 2024, including Layer 2 smart contracts, the IOTA 2.0 testnet, and integration with Shimmer, positioning the project as a leader in real-world asset tokenization.

Transforming the Landscape with ShimmerEVM

The year 2023 has proven to be a watershed moment for IOTA, as it embraced transformative changes with the introduction of ShimmerEVM, a groundbreaking multi-chain solution. This innovation not only facilitated interaction among different EVM-compatible smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) across diverse chains but also ushered in the era of decentralized finance (DeFi) within the IOTA ecosystem.

ShimmerEVM’s Journey: A Remarkable Tale

In March, the ShimmerEVM testnet was launched, offering the community a playground to explore its capabilities. In just one month, the testnet witnessed over a million transactions, 38,000 wallet addresses, and the deployment of more than 2,200 smart contracts. May saw a surge in testing activities with the Treasures of Shimmer campaign, resulting in over 10 million transactions and a peak of 1.8 million daily transactions.

The official release of ShimmerEVM in September was a turning point, with subsequent reports of a 4x surge in Total Value Locked (TVL) just two weeks post-launch. The ecosystem embraced this new technology, with projects eagerly making their debut on Shimmer. October saw the TVL reaching $4.8 million, showcasing a remarkable 95.92% increase. The ecosystem now hosts 40 active projects, reflecting its dynamic and expanding nature.

December witnessed ShimmerEVM’s integration with LayerZero, marking a significant stride in promoting frictionless cross-chain communication. The introduction of the Bloom Wallet in November further simplified asset transfers between Shimmer and ShimmerEVM, contributing to increased user activity within the ecosystem.

Gearing Up for IOTA 2.0 in 2024

As the curtains fall on 2023, the IOTA ecosystem is gearing up for a promising 2024. Plans include the introduction of Layer 2 (L2) EVM-compatible smart contracts on the IOTA mainnet, the launch of the IOTA 2.0 testnet, and the integration of smart contracts into IOTA’s base layer. The strategic focus on real-world asset (RWA) tokenization, combined with a commitment to regulatory compliance and strategic partnerships, positions IOTA and Shimmer as leaders in unlocking new opportunities within emerging digital economies.

Pioneering Cross-Chain Communication and User-Friendly Wallets

With the integration of ShimmerEVM and LayerZero, IOTA not only strengthens its presence in the wider cryptocurrency landscape but also champions seamless cross-chain communication. Simultaneously, the introduction of the Bloom Wallet emphasizes a user-centric approach, simplifying asset transfers and enhancing user experience within the ecosystem.

As the crypto community eagerly awaits IOTA 2.0 and witnesses the continuous growth of the ecosystem, the success of ShimmerEVM in 2023 paves the way for exciting developments in 2024. The journey towards a decentralized future, marked by innovation and inclusivity, is well underway.

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