Ripple Rides the Recovery Wave: Anticipating a 20% Upswing

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  • After a recent dip, Ripple’s price is poised for a potential 20% surge as market imbalances are addressed, supported by bullish indicators like RSI and ADX.
  • Traders are cautiously optimistic, closely monitoring key levels and the ongoing optimism surrounding the approval of spot Bitcoin ETF applications.

Ripple (XRP) faced a significant dip recently, hitting a three-year low against Bitcoin on January 3. The drop was fueled by a broader market sell-off triggered by concerns over the potential rejection of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, this downturn is now seen as a healthy correction, as Ripple’s price filled an imbalance in the XRP market.

The imbalance, represented by the Fair Value Gap (FVG) between $0.4927 and $0.5111, is a crucial indicator. FVGs represent market errors, and prices tend to revert to these levels as traders adjust their positions. With this gap filled, XRP is poised for a potential recovery, supported by various trend strength indicators.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Average Directional Index (ADX) both point towards growing bullish momentum. When the RSI is on an upward trajectory, it indicates increasing momentum, while the rising ADX signifies strengthening trend strength. In this scenario, the prevailing trend is likely to continue, potentially leading to a positive market movement for XRP.

Moreover, the optimism surrounding the approval of spot Bitcoin ETF applications is benefiting altcoins like XRP. Recent developments, including filings for registration of securities by major players like VanEck, Grayscale, and Fidelity, indicate a hopeful atmosphere. The SEC’s discussions with major exchanges further fuel speculation of a positive outcome.

As XRP readies for a possible 20% climb, the focus is on key levels. If buying pressure intensifies, Ripple’s price could move beyond the $0.6000 mark and even breach the upper boundary of the rising wedge, targeting the $0.6500 level. In an exceptionally bullish scenario, a 20% surge might take XRP to the $0.7000 psychological level.

However, caution is advised. Early profit booking by traders who experienced losses during the recent dip could drive XRP’s price southward, potentially revisiting the FVG. A decisive break below the midline of this order block at $0.5023 would confirm a continuation of the downtrend, with a potential fall to the range low at $0.4174.

In conclusion, Ripple’s recent correction is viewed as a positive development, with market imbalances addressed. The RSI and ADX indicators signal a potential upward movement, fueled by optimism surrounding Bitcoin ETF approvals. While a 20% climb is plausible, traders should remain vigilant for any signs of a reversal, keeping a close eye on key support levels.


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