Ripple (XRP)and Hedera’s (HBAR) to Enhance the Trillion-Dollar Payments Market
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Ripple (XRP)and Hedera’s (HBAR) to Enhance the Trillion-Dollar Payments Market

  • The article discusses the potential collaboration between Ripple and Hedera, two leading crypto projects with common goals to revolutionize the trillion-dollar payments market.
  • Insights from an interview with Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Hedera’s co-founder Dr. Leemon Baird hint at the transformative impact such a partnership could have on cross-border payments, as both projects align in their pursuit to replace the outdated SWIFT system.

Utopian Lab founder Max Walker-Williams recently ignited speculation within the crypto community by sharing a post featuring Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Hedera co-founder Dr. Leemon Baird. The crypto enthusiasts hinted at a possible collaboration between Ripple Labs and Hedera, two leading crypto projects united in their quest to revolutionize the outdated SWIFT system.

Both Ripple and Hedera, proud members of the ISO 20022, have exhibited resilience in the face of regulatory challenges. Their groundbreaking partnerships with industry leaders have paved the way for new use cases, propelling them into the spotlight of the trillion-dollar payments market.

During a recent interview, CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Dr. Leemon Baird discussed the potential impact of collaboration within the crypto sector. Walker-Williams, having met the leaders of these projects, further fueled speculation about an imminent partnership. Garlinghouse expressed openness to collaboration, stating, “We gonna make sure that we start talking about whether we can collaborate as well.”

The discussion touched upon tokenization, with Dr. Baird expressing interest, and Garlinghouse criticizing the approach of SEC Chair Gary Gensler towards the crypto sector. The conversation extended to the broader implications of regulatory clarity, especially concerning stablecoins, and its impact on the global crypto economy.

Market analysts anticipate that a collaboration between Ripple and Hedera could significantly enhance the cross-border payment sector. Notably, “Shinhan Bank, the leading bank in South Korea, and Standard Bank, the largest bank in Africa,” recently joined forces in a proof-of-concept on Hedera, exploring avenues to reduce middlemen, costs, and settlement times.

In December 2023, Ripple announced updates to its cross-border payments solution, leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate faster, cheaper, and more efficient transactions. Monica Long, Ripple’s president, emphasized the company’s commitment to creating products that address real problems for customers, aligning with the evolving needs of the market.

The cross-border payment market, projected to reach $250 trillion by 2027, stands to benefit from the potential synergy between Ripple and Hedera. As of the latest market data, XRP is trading at $0.568153, with analysts predicting a potential rise to $1.59 this year. Hedera (HBAR) is trading at $0.079434, with projections indicating a possible increase to $0.222416 in the coming year.

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