Ripple’s Legal Dance: Stalled Prices and the Ripple (XRP) Attorney’s Unusual Cheers

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  • Ripple’s price remains stagnant, resisting market optimism despite potential spot Bitcoin ETF approvals. Ripple attorney John E.
  • Deaton’s peculiar enthusiasm over Jim Cramer’s Bitcoin predictions adds a legal twist to the XRP narrative, reflecting the ongoing battle for momentum in the crypto market.

Ripple (XRP) finds itself in a state of inertia, resisting the broader market optimism triggered by the potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. Despite the ongoing excitement in the market, XRP’s price struggles to gain traction, hinting at a potential 2% fall to find support at $0.5442 before any hopeful correction.

Ripple Attorney’s Unusual Rejoice

In an unexpected turn of events, Ripple lawyer John E. Deaton responded to Jim Cramer’s offbeat Bitcoin predictions in a manner that aligns with the “Inverse Cramer” narrative. Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, predicted a forthcoming slump in Bitcoin’s value, prompting an enthusiastic response from Deaton. This peculiar reaction suggests a unique perspective from the legal expert.

XRP’s Stagnant Outlook

As the market cautiously awaits the SEC’s decision on spot Bitcoin ETFs, Ripple’s price remains stagnant, hovering below the critical level of $0.5784, once a crucial support. The resistance at this level forces XRP to rely on strong support zones, including the lower Bollinger indicator at $0.5512 and a horizontal line at $0.5442.

The bearish undertone is accentuated by the southward trajectory of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the red histogram bars of the Awesome Oscillator (AO) in negative territory. Increased selling pressure could drive XRP to test the $0.5442 support, potentially triggering a bounce.

Potential Scenarios

If the support holds, investors might seize the opportunity, pushing Ripple’s price northward and converting the $0.5784 resistance into a support floor. Further gains could see XRP challenging the Bollinger indicator’s centerline at $0.6065. In a highly bullish scenario, overcoming the descending trendline at $0.6500 may pave the way for a push to the upper Bollinger band at $0.6617, with the ultimate target being the $0.7000 psychological level.

However, a decisive move below $0.5442 could lead to a retest of the Fair Value Gap (FVG) between $0.4927 and $0.5111. The fact that XRP tagged the FVG during the January 2 crash adds an interesting dynamic to the analysis, suggesting a lack of effective downward pressure on Ripple’s price.

In this tug-of-war between bullish and bearish sentiments, XRP holders await a breakthrough, with the outcome possibly influenced by broader market dynamics and the legal intricacies surrounding Ripple.


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