Solana’s (SOL) Crypto Windfall: ‘Chapter 2’ Airdrops Could Make Your Smartphone Free
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Solana’s (SOL) Crypto Windfall: ‘Chapter 2’ Airdrops Could Make Your Smartphone Free

  • Solana’s ‘Chapter 2’ smartphone pre-orders are benefiting from token airdrops, potentially offsetting the phone’s cost with cat-themed meme coins like Maneki and Cat in a Dogs World.
  • These airdrops, alongside other crypto bonuses, are fueling excitement and demand for Solana’s smartphone offerings, echoing the success of previous token incentives.

Solana “Chapter 2” smartphone pre-order customers are already realizing benefits ahead of the phone’s expected release in 2025, thanks to a cat-powered bonus of token airdrops.

The teams behind the Solana meme coins Maneki (MANEKI) and Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) airdropped tokens to the wallets of people who pre-ordered the Chapter 2—tokens that could potentially offset the entire $450 cost of the phone, provided their market value holds.

On April 1, 37,600 MEW were airdropped to eligible Solana wallets. On Wednesday, 5,199 MANEKI were sent to the same wallets—and MANEKI’s price has only climbed over the past day.

MANEKI hit its all-time high on Thursday, rising 71.6% to $0.02 on the news of the airdrop. MEW hit an all-time high of $0.009 on March 31. Currently, the cat-themed token is down 10.4%.

On Thursday morning, the total value of the two meme coins gifted to each buyer was $459—more than the original price announced with the device in January. The MEW and MANEKI tokens offered to pre-order wallets are valued at $359 as of this writing, according to price data from CoinGecko.

Additional Bonuses and Perks

Solana Chapter 2 buyers have also received 114,858,914.9661 in Wuffi (WUF) tokens worth around $24.76; 800,000 iq50 (IQ50) tokens worth around $16.29; and 20 million Catwifhat (CWIF) tokens worth around $4.96. That adds about $46 to the overall haul, bringing the full total to just over $405.

Fueling Demand and Excitement

In January, Solana Labs announced the Saga Chapter 2 phone after the original Solana Saga sold out, thanks to the growing value of included perks, including airdrops and free NFTs.

While the latest airdrops for Chapter 2 are cat-themed, it was actually a dog-themed token that spurred the original Saga sellout. BONK, a dog-themed meme coin, offered 30 million tokens to each Saga buyer—and by the time December came around, the coin had gained so much value that the airdrop was valued at more than the price of the phone itself.

The sales frenzy prompted other Solana projects to offer up free tokens and NFTs to Saga owners, fueling even more interest in Solana Labs’ smartphone efforts and arguably fueling demand for the Chapter 2.

With the value of airdropped tokens potentially covering the entire cost of the Solana “Chapter 2” smartphone, pre-order customers are not only acquiring cutting-edge technology but also entering into a dynamic world of crypto perks. As the saga of Solana’s smartphone evolution continues, it’s clear that the allure of token airdrops is playing a significant role in driving consumer interest and excitement.