Terra Luna Classic Circulating Supply Correction Sends USTC and LUNC Prices Soaring
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Terra Luna Classic Circulating Supply Correction Sends USTC and LUNC Prices Soaring

  • Terra Luna Classic experienced a significant adjustment in circulating supply, with 1.85 billion USTC and 222 million LUNC tokens removed from the Luna Foundation Guard’s wallet address.
  • While this sparked a surge in prices initially, it was clarified that the tokens were not permanently removed from circulation, leading to a pullback in prices as the community processed the news.

The Terra Luna Classic ecosystem witnessed a seismic shift over the weekend as significant adjustments were made to the circulating supply of USTC and LUNC tokens held in the Luna Foundation Guard. This move, involving the removal of 1.85 billion USTC and 222 million LUNC tokens, sent shockwaves through the community, triggering a flurry of activity in the markets.

The tokens were extracted from the wallet address terra1gr0xesnseevzt3h4nxr64sh5gk4dwrwgszx3nw, which had lain dormant for nearly two years. While this adjustment initially caused prices to soar, it soon became apparent that the circulating supply had merely been recalibrated, rather than the tokens being permanently removed from circulation.

According to CoinMarketCap, circulating supply calculations exclude assets held in locked contracts, allocated to insiders, or otherwise unavailable for public trading. The correction in circulating supply figures clarified that some Luna Foundation Guard funds had been erroneously included in the tally.

Following the news, both LUNC and USTC experienced a surge in demand, driving prices up by over 10% and 18%, respectively, within a matter of hours. However, as the community digested the nuances of the adjustment, prices retraced some of their gains.

While the Terra Luna Classic community expressed a desire to burn tokens held in the Luna Foundation Guard wallet to reflect a decrease in total supply, it was clarified that the recent adjustments were not tantamount to a removal from circulating supply.

Despite the pullback in prices from their initial spikes, LUNC and USTC continue to exhibit volatility in the market. At present, LUNC is trading at $0.0001062, up 4% over the last 24 hours, with a trading range of $0.0001020 to $0.0001129. Meanwhile, USTC has seen a 7% increase in price, trading at $0.0235, with a range of $0.0215 to $0.0251, accompanied by a substantial uptick in trading volume.

The recalibration of circulating supply figures serves as a reminder of the intricacies involved in assessing token economics within the cryptocurrency landscape. While market reactions may be swift and dramatic, discerning investors understand the importance of distinguishing between temporary adjustments and fundamental shifts in token dynamics.