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  • The Terra Luna Classic community passed Proposal 12104 to reactivate interblockchain communication (IBC) with Osmosis, leading to an 8% increase in LUNC’s price.
  • Analyst Javon Marks predicts LUNC could reach $0.00058046, citing a bullish pattern and increased trading volumes following the approval.

The Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) community is celebrating a major milestone today as they successfully passed Proposal 12104, reactivating interblockchain communication (IBC) with the Osmosis protocol. This decision paves the way for seamless transfers between Terra Luna Classic and Osmosis, significantly enhancing the interoperability of both platforms.

The proposal, titled “Reactivate Osmosis IBC,” was championed by developer Fragwuerdig, a former core developer, and garnered an impressive 85% approval rate from the community. This overwhelming support highlights the community’s enthusiasm for advancing the project’s technological capabilities. Notably, the voting process on the Station wallet saw 40 validators participating, with 38 of them showing their support for the proposal.

Vegas, a Terra Classic member and validator, stressed the importance of upgrading the Osmosis IBC client for efficient relay operations. The upgrade from version 07-tendermint-12 to 07-tendermint-250 is expected to optimize the IBC relay and facilitate smooth interchain transfers between LUNC and Osmosis.

In response to these developments, crypto analyst Javon Marks has predicted a potential surge in LUNC’s price. Marks, a well-regarded figure in the crypto community, believes that LUNC’s price chart indicates a bullish pattern, suggesting a possible continuation of its upward trajectory. Marks has set an initial price target of $0.00058046 for LUNC, representing a more than 414% increase from its current price of $0.0001089. He further speculates that if LUNC manages to break multiple resistance levels, it could even reach $0.00139122, marking a significant 1134% increase from its current value.

Marks’ optimism is supported by the recent performance of LUNC in the market. Over the last 24 hours, LUNC experienced a 3% increase in price, with a trading range between $0.0001089 and $0.0001263. This increase in trading volume by 272% indicates strong market interest and suggests that investors are optimistic about the future of LUNC following the approval of the IBC reactivation proposal.

This positive sentiment is not without reason. The potential for LUNC’s price to increase further depends on various factors, including continued positive sentiment within the cryptocurrency community and any new developments or upgrades to the Terra Classic network that could attract more users and investors.

The approval of Proposal 12104 is seen as a significant step forward for Terra Luna Classic, as it strengthens its position in the blockchain ecosystem by improving interoperability and expanding its use cases. The community’s support and the backing of validators like LuncGoblins, Moon Rabbit Validator, and MoonRunners signal a strong vote of confidence in the project’s future.

As LUNC continues to make strides towards enhancing its technological capabilities and expanding its reach, the cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates how these developments will impact its value in the coming days and weeks.

A Bright Future Ahead for LUNC

With the successful passing of Proposal 12104 and optimistic price predictions from crypto analysts like Javon Marks, the future looks promising for LUNC. Investors and enthusiasts alike are keeping a close watch on LUNC as it continues to evolve and grow within the Terra Classic ecosystem. The reactivation of IBC with Osmosis is expected to open new doors for LUNC, facilitating seamless transfers and enhancing its utility, which could further bolster its value in the market.

Stay tuned as LUNC moves forward with its plans for growth and development in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.