Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) HODLers Get Reprieve as Crypto.com Delisting Postponed
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Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) HODLers Get Reprieve as Crypto.com Delisting Postponed

  • Crypto.com has postponed the delisting of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) from February to April, providing LUNC holders more time to decide on their holdings.
  • The Terra Luna Classic community welcomes the extension, while the lack of clear reasons for the delisting decision raises questions among users, accompanied by a decline in LUNC and USTC prices amid low trading volumes.

Crypto.com, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has reportedly pushed back the delisting date of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) from February to April, according to emails received by concerned community members. The initial announcement of the delisting by Crypto.com had set the deadline for February 15, a decision that was corroborated by CoinGape.

In a surprising turn of events, new emails circulating within the Terra Luna Classic community suggest that Crypto.com has opted to extend the delisting decision until April, offering LUNC holders additional time to assess and strategize regarding their holdings. The community has expressed satisfaction with this move, appreciating the exchange’s consideration of the impact on users.

Delisting Decision Raises Questions

Despite the delayed delisting, Crypto.com has not provided explicit reasons for its decision to remove Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) from its platform. The lack of clarity has left the community puzzled, prompting speculation and discussions among its members.

Interestingly, users have reported a significant decline in LUNC trading volume on Crypto.com following the initial delisting announcement. Some community members have already migrated their holdings to alternative crypto exchanges, selling at more favorable prices.

Community Dynamics and Ongoing Disagreements

Amidst these developments, the Terra Luna Classic community is grappling with internal disagreements, specifically related to a pay-per-job proposal. This disagreement comes on the heels of validators voting against the L1TF core security upgrade package proposal. Resolving these internal conflicts is crucial for the sustained growth and stability of the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem.

LUNC and USTC Prices Experience Decline

In tandem with the uncertainty surrounding its future on Crypto.com, the prices of Terra Luna Classic ecosystem tokens, LUNC and USTC, have seen a downward trend. Low trading volumes have been a significant factor, reflecting a lack of interest from traders. Notably, many traders are actively shorting LUNC and its derivative 1000LUNC, as indicated by liquidation data.

As of the latest market data, LUNC has experienced a 1% decrease in the last 24 hours and a substantial 32% drop over the past month. The current trading price stands at $0.00009458, with a 24-hour low and high of $0.00009231 and $0.00009733, respectively.

Simultaneously, USTC, another token in the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem, has witnessed a 2% decline in the last 24 hours, currently trading at $0.0241. The 24-hour low and high for USTC are $0.0238 and $0.0250, respectively.

The prolonged uncertainty surrounding the delisting and the ongoing internal disputes within the Terra Luna Classic community have added a layer of complexity to the future trajectory of these tokens. As April approaches, all eyes will be on Crypto.com’s next move and the community’s efforts to address internal challenges.

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