• Anticipation of Binance’s periodic token burn event has positioned Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) for a potential 26% price surge, driven by a bullish ascending triangle pattern and upward-trending MACD indicator.
  • Investors are optimistic as the average daily burn rate stands at 178 million LUNC, with the community expecting significant price increases post-burn.

With Binance’s periodic burn event just around the corner, the price of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is poised for a significant rally. Currently, only 6.7 billion LUNC tokens remain as the crypto community eagerly anticipates the burn, which could see the price surge by up to 26%.

Bullish Indicators for LUNC

Over the past two months, LUNC has seen a gradual price increase, driven by the anticipation of the Binance burn event. As of today, LUNC is trading at $0.00011, though it has experienced a slight dip of 3.5% in the last 24 hours and a 1% decrease over the past week. Despite this, the asset has been forming a bullish ascending triangle chart pattern since mid-April, which has a 63% probability of breaking to the upside.

The 200-day moving average is a crucial resistance level slightly above the current LUNC price. However, positive news around the burn event could help LUNC surpass this barrier, setting the stage for a potential price increase to $0.000151. In an inverse scenario, LUNC might find support around $0.00009, a level it has tested twice in the past six months.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator is also trending upward, nearing the neutral mark. Both the LUNC price action and the MACD’s upward movement signal a bullish market sentiment. This trend suggests that bullish momentum is strengthening, increasing the likelihood of a significant rally if LUNC breaks its current resistance levels.

The Impact of the Binance Burn Event

Investors have been accumulating LUNC in anticipation of Binance’s periodic token burn, expected to occur in two days. Historically, token burns have been bullish catalysts in the crypto market, reducing the supply and often driving up prices. The average daily burn rate stands at 178 million LUNC, equivalent to roughly $20,338.

The total remaining supply of LUNC is currently at 6,793,288,228,623 tokens. As the supply continues to dwindle, the community expects the value of LUNC to stabilize and potentially increase. The community is optimistic that the upcoming burn will significantly reduce the token supply, boosting LUNC’s price.

The excitement around the Binance burn event highlights the strength of the Terra Luna Classic community. Investors and enthusiasts alike are keenly watching to see how LUNC performs post-burn. If the price breaks above its current resistance, it could trigger a substantial rally, reinforcing the positive sentiment around Terra Luna Classic and proving the value of a united crypto community.