VeChain’s Grant 2.0 Takes Bold Step Towards Fueling the Future DEX Ecosystem
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VeChain’s Grant 2.0 Takes Bold Step Towards Fueling the Future DEX Ecosystem

  • VeChain introduces Grant 2.0, an upgraded developer grant program, boosting support by increasing project funding to $100K and streamlining the submission process.
  • Aligned with VeChain’s commitment to sustainability, the program prioritizes projects supporting the ‘X-to-Earn’ vision for positive global impact, offering enhanced support and benefits to recipients.

Boosting developer backing, the program raises project funding to $100K, streamlines submissions, and offers marketing and microgrants based on feedback.

A leading player in the blockchain realm, VeChain, has taken a giant leap toward fostering sustainable decentralized ecosystems with the introduction of Grant 2.0, an upgraded developer grant program.

The program’s key enhancements include a significant boost in developer support, increasing project milestone funding from $30K to a substantial $100K. VeChain has also streamlined the submission process, making it more accessible for developers, and is now offering marketing and microgrants tailored to project feedback.

Emphasizing sustainability– Grant 2.0 prioritizes projects aligned with VeChain’s visionary ‘X-to-Earn’ concept for decentralized applications. Sunny Lu, CEO at VeChain, emphasized,

“Blockchain technology is our most powerful tool to incentivize greater sustainable activity at the individual and enterprise levels, and developers are the key to creating the applications that will drive that change.”

VeChain’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond financial support. Grant recipients aligned with VeChain’s vision for positive global impact will now enjoy additional benefits such as check-ins, mentorship opportunities, and exposure on VeChain’s platforms.

Driving Positive Change in Web3– This initiative reflects VeChain’s dedication to adapting to the needs of Web3 builders and fostering a better future through innovative blockchain solutions. Grant 2.0 stands as a testament to VeChain’s commitment to empowering developers for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

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