VeChain’s(VET) Next Frontier: GM NFTs in VeBetterDAO Set to Revolutionize User Incentives

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  • VeChain introduces VeBetterDAO, featuring the Galaxy Member (GM) NFT system to incentivize sustainable actions and drive community engagement.
  • The GM NFTs allow users to upgrade their privileges based on their contributions, marking a significant milestone in VeChain’s efforts towards a more sustainable and participatory ecosystem.

VeChain, the leading enterprise blockchain platform, is set to redefine user engagement and sustainability efforts with the introduction of VeBetterDAO. This ambitious Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) marks a significant milestone in VeChain’s journey towards fostering community involvement and driving eco-friendly initiatives.

In a recent announcement, VeChain unveiled VeBetterDAO, designed to empower users through innovative tokenomics and governance structures. At the core of VeBetterDAO are two main tokens: VOT3 and B3TR. VOT3 enables holders to participate in governance decisions and earn rewards through staking, while B3TR fuels the entire DAO, incentivizing participation and supporting sustainable projects.

The rollout of VeBetterDAO will occur in three phases, commencing with the Pilot Show Alpha: Testnet Take-off, followed by Pilot Show Beta: Mainnet Blitz, and culminating in the Go-Live Gala. During these phases, users will have the opportunity to engage with the platform, participate in activities, and earn B3TR tokens.

One of the innovative features of VeBetterDAO is the Galaxy Member (GM) NFT system, which offers users varying levels of privileges based on their engagement and contributions. As users accumulate B3TR tokens, they can upgrade their GM NFTs to unlock greater rewards and benefits within the ecosystem.

To support the growth of the ecosystem, users can donate B3TR tokens to the Treasury, which will be utilized to fund development and sustainability initiatives. Additionally, VeChain X-Nodes and Economic Nodes will enjoy higher rewards, acknowledging their integral role in the governance of the VeChainThor network.

The official launch of VeBetterDAO is scheduled to coincide with VeChainThor’s mainnet anniversary on June 30. During the Go-Live Gala phase, several features will be introduced, including the minting and distribution of B3TR tokens, enhancements to X-2-Earn DApps, and automation of treasury and governance management.

VeChain aims to leverage B3TR tokens to incentivize sustainable actions, with the goal of achieving a million active daily users in the coming years. As the ecosystem expands, new opportunities for users to utilize and engage with B3TR will emerge, driving further adoption of VeChain’s platform.

In a world where millions are rewarded daily for contributing to positive change, VeBetterDAO represents a groundbreaking initiative that integrates VeChain into the fabric of our evolving society. By empowering users and promoting sustainability, VeChain is shaping a brighter future for blockchain technology and beyond.


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