Can Bitcoin Hit $46k Mark Before the Expected Spot Bitcoin ETFs Approval Later Today by SEC?

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  • The recent Bitcoin price correction to $40,940 on Jan. 3 triggered turmoil, but the rebound to over $44,000 has sparked speculation on whether it can reach $46,000 before the SEC’s pending spot Bitcoin ETF decision.
  • The U.S. government’s increasing debt and expectations of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts are seen as favorable for Bitcoin, while resilient futures markets and stable options indicators suggest the potential for an upside surprise, even amid the uncertainties of the looming ETF decision.

The recent rollercoaster ride in Bitcoin prices, with a dip to $40,940 on Jan. 3, has left traders and enthusiasts on edge. However, there has been a glimmer of hope with the rumor on the Bitcoin ETFs verdict today.

While the market experienced substantial losses due to the correction, the rebound to over $44,000 has sparked speculation on whether BTC can reach $46,000 before the looming SEC decision on several pending spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications.

U.S. Debt and Interest Rate Expectations Propel Bitcoin

The increasing U.S. government debt, coupled with expectations of interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, is creating a favorable environment for risk-on assets, including Bitcoin. The recent release of minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Jan. 4 reinforced expectations of quarter-point cuts this year. With U.S. government debt interest surpassing $1 trillion annually, the trend is driving investors towards assets like Bitcoin.

Political Discord and Downgrades Impact U.S. Credit Rating

Mounting debt and political discord in the U.S. have led to credit rating downgrades, with Fitch downgrading sovereign debt from AAA to AA+ in August 2023. Moody’s has also warned of potential downgrades. The ongoing debate between House Republicans and Senate Democrats on spending cuts heightens the risk of a government shutdown, impacting the overall economic landscape.

Bitcoin Futures Resilience Post-Jan. 3 Crash

Despite the significant price crash on Jan. 3, Bitcoin futures markets have displayed resilience. The $137 million liquidation did not decimate the bulls, with open interest remaining at $18.5 billion. Professional traders seem unfazed by recent price swings, maintaining consistent data from the previous month.

Options Markets Indicate Potential Upside Surprise

Analyzing Bitcoin options markets provides insights into the potential trajectory. The delta 25% skew, which tends to rise during anticipation of a price drop, remained relatively stable during the recent dip on Jan. 3. This indicates that experienced traders were not perturbed and did not rush for protective put options, suggesting confidence in the market’s resilience.

ETF Approval: A Wild Card for Bitcoin Bulls

As the market braces for the SEC decision on spot Bitcoin ETFs, the dynamics may shift. The recent FOMO (fear of missing out) and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) surrounding the ETF approval odds have exposed traders to liquidations. However, the options market suggests that experienced traders remain steady, leaving room for a potential upside surprise.

In conclusion, while Bitcoin faces uncertainties with the SEC decision looming, the market’s resilience post-Jan. 3 crash and consistent options market indicators hint at a potential upward trajectory. Whether Bitcoin will surpass $46,000 before the SEC verdict remains to be seen, but the current market dynamics suggest that seasoned traders are prepared for various outcomes.

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