Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and Bitget Hit by Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Rejection Buzz and Speculation

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  • Bitcoin recently experienced an 8% flash crash, leading to market instability and temporary trading suspensions on major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.
  • Speculation about a coordinated institutional sell-off has created uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market. Attention now focuses on the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF, while the market stabilizes near $42,500.

Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, witnessed a tumultuous descent, plummeting by over 8% in a sudden flash crash. The rapid drop saw Bitcoin’s value tumble from $45,000 to $41,200, triggering a chain reaction across the cryptocurrency market. Notably, major altcoins such as Bonk, IOTA, Solana, and Filecoin faced substantial losses, ranging from 8% to 20%.

Trading Halts Across Giants: Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and Bitget Overwhelmed

The intensity of the flash crash forced several leading crypto exchanges, including industry titans Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and Bitget, to halt trading temporarily. The move aimed to address the overload caused by the unprecedented market fluctuations, raising questions about the resilience of exchange infrastructures in the face of extreme volatility.

unmasking the Cause: Rumors of Coordinated Institutional Sell-Off

Amid the chaos, speculation swirls around the root cause of the flash crash. The prevailing theory points to a coordinated sell-off orchestrated by major institutional investors.

This strategic move aims to secure assets at lower prices in anticipation of a potential Bitcoin ETF approval, setting the stage for maximizing profits as Bitcoin’s market potentially surges to new all-time highs in the coming year.

Examining the global scenario, no evident Black Swan event, whether economic or industrial, explains the sudden and violent market movement. Events like FTX 2.0 issues, Terra’s implosion, or the banning of Bitcoin in a major economy seem unlikely contributors. However, the increasing likelihood of a Bitcoin ETF approval looms large, prompting speculation that preparations may already be underway behind the scenes.

In the aftermath of the flash crash, the cryptocurrency market has exhibited signs of stabilization, at least in the short term. Current market conditions find Bitcoin hovering around the $42,500 mark. As of the latest timestamp (03.01.2024 14:02), the Bitcoin price stands at $42,572.72, providing a snapshot of the market’s resilience amidst the recent turmoil.

Bitcoin ETF and the 2024 Landscape: A Short-Term Bull Run or Correction?

The imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF emerges as a potential catalyst for a short-term bull run, injecting optimism into the market. However, caution is warranted, as there is no guarantee that Bitcoin will reach a new all-time high within the next three months.

The prevailing sentiment remains bullish, yet an anticipated correction could potentially push the Bitcoin price below the $40,000 threshold before any significant halving-related rally.

Delving into historical trends, Bitcoin’s price has traditionally experienced substantial gains approximately 6 to 9 months following a halving event, paving the way for robust long-term rallies. However, the applicability of this historical pattern to the unpredictable landscape of 2024 remains uncertain, adding an element of speculation to the cryptocurrency community’s outlook.

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